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Recent storms throughout the Commonwealth have impacted a number of our policyholders and Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance is committed to handling those claims as quickly as possible. If you have property damage as a result of these recent storms and you need to report a claim, please contact your local agent, call our claims hotline at 1-866-KFB-CLAIM (1-866-532-2524), or submit your first notice of loss inside the member portal.

Brad Clements Agent

Brad Clements (Agent)

KFB Insurance Agent Since 1999

Brad Clements began his career as an agent in the Union County office in 1999 after graduating from Murray State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Ag Science. Brad was raised on a family farm here in Union County, where he now resides with his wife and children.

Brad works to meet the needs of the Union County members daily and he always takes the time for simple things, such as a detailed policy review. The ability to shift gears and adapt to the different needs of each customer while putting in the time to get the job done comes easy to Brad. 

He loves working on the family farm and spending all of the time he can with family and friends.

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