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Have you checked out DriveRight® Mobile, Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance’s safe driving app? By providing feedback on your speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, and phone use while driving, DriveRight® Mobile can help you improve your driving habits AND save you money on your auto insurance. Eligible users can receive a 5% discount* after logging just three trips.

Getting started is easy!

  • Step 1 - DOWNLOAD: Download the app for iOS or Android.
  • Step 2 - ACTIVATE: Connect with your local Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance agent to receive your activation code.
  • Step 3 - SAVE $$$: Save 5% on your auto insurance premium* and begin receiving personalized feedback on your driving habits. 

*Discount applied at new policy creation or existing policy renewal
* Discount applies to the unit on which the driver is rated

DriveRight® Mobile FAQs

What does the app measure?

DriveRight® Mobile is a smartphone app for iOS and Android that gives feedback about your driving, helping you become a safer and better driver. 

DriveRight® Mobile gathers data from position and inertial sensors and measures driving quality based on:

  • Hard acceleration
  • Hard braking
  • Hard cornering
  • Speeding
  • Phone usage while driving

What information does the app display?

DriveRight® Mobile shows you the following information about your driving habits:

  • Dashboard - The top of the dashboard shows your overall drivability score computed over the last two weeks of driving. Tapping on the score shows information about how your score was calculated. The rest of the dashboard has four panels: the latest scored trip, your achievements, your rank on the leaderboard, and how well you have done in avoiding phone distraction.
  • Trips - This area shows a list of all your trips. Each trip is scored on a scale from 1 to 5. Selecting a particular trip takes you to a map view of the trip and summarizes important events and scores for the trip. Only the most significant events from a drive are shown on the map. The map also shows any excessive speeding and significant phone distraction. The app also classifies your trip as "Driver" or "Not driving" (passenger or another mode of transport). If the automatic classification is incorrect, you can change it by selecting the icon located next to the mode classified by the app. By keeping your transport modes accurate, the app learns your driving habits and classifies future trips more accurately.
  • Driving tips - The app shows personalized tips to improve your driving; these tips depend on the factors that are most responsible for lowering your score.
  • Achievements - Drive well and accumulate badges for achieving safety milestones.
  • Leaderboard - Win bragging rights over your friends and leaderboard competitors.
  • Profile - Change your nickname or email; your nickname can include emojis too!
  • Settings - Want to use only Wi-Fi to upload sensor data for a trip? Or get notified when results are available? Easily make these changes in the settings area.

Does the app use my phone battery?

Yes, DriveRight® Mobile has a limited effect on your phone's battery. For many, increased battery consumption may not even be noticeable. The effect varies from one smartphone model to another, and on the age of the phone, but battery consumption is highest when the app uses the GPS. For this reason, we use a variety of sensors to maximize battery efficiency. Note that when the phone's battery is less than 10%, the app will not record any data. 

Why do I need to accept permission requests?

Once you download the app, you will receive permission requests from your phone's operating system. You need to accept these requests to engage with and benefit from the app's features.

For the app to function properly, the following permission requests must be set exactly as directed:

  • iOS
    • (Required) Location Services: Location permissions must be set to Always (with Precise Location set on iOS 14 and above). This permission is required for the app to record trips.
    • (Strongly Recommend) Motion & Fitness: Using motion activity, the app can more accurately determine when to start and stop trip recording.
    • (Recommended) Notifications: Enabling notifications for the app lets the app send you updates about your trips, rewards (if available), and other engagement features.
  • Android
    • (Required) Location permissions: Location permissions are required for the app to be able to record trips in the background. Beginning with Android 10, this permission must be set to "Allow all the time."
    • (Required) Physical Activity: User activity permissions are required for reliable trip detection.
    • (Recommended) Notifications: Enabling notifications for the app lets the app send you updates about your trips, rewards (if available), and other engagement features.


Do I need to open the app for each trip so it can collect my driving data?

No, as long as the correct permissions are set to "Always" or "Allow all the time," as stated above. The app works in the background and will collect your data any time a drive is detected. Make sure that your device is charged and turned on during your trips.

What happens if I downloaded the app but have to change phones?

If you ever have to change phones or reinstall the app, you can simply log in under "existing users." A PIN code will be sent to the email address you provided during initial registration.

What are the differences between Android and iOS?

There are some minor cosmetic differences within the user interface and design of DriveRight® Mobile between Android and iOS, however the app retains full functionality and runs largely the same across both operating systems.

What data is collected?

The following data is collected:

  • Location, speed, and heading
  • Accelerometer data
  • Gyroscope data
  • Magnetometer data
  • Barometer data
  • Time
  • Information about use of the app

Does Kentucky Farm Bureau share my data?

Respecting your privacy is an important part of our commitment to providing an excellent service and product. Your personal information and individually collected data is confidential and will not be shared outside Kentucky Farm Bureau. Both Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance and our telematics partner, Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT), have robust data governance and privacy protection policies. Click here for KFB's DriveRight® Mobile Privacy Policy. You can view CMT's Privacy Guarantee here.

How does the app score my driving?

The app collects and analyzes your driving data, then provides an overall driving score out of 100 based on a series of criteria. For each of the criteria below, a specific subscore is also provided.
  • Phone Distraction: Using the phone in your hand while the vehicle is in motion
  • Hard Braking: A sudden reduction in speed
  • Speeding: Driving over a safe speed for a given road
  • Hard Acceleration: A sudden increase in speed
  • Cornering: Turning or swerving harshly

We understand that sometimes these events are inevitable, such as when avoiding a crash. As more trips are collected, these unavoidable events should have very little effect or impact on your overall driving score. 

What does 'inference' mean?

"Inference" is the app's estimate of your trip between the actual starting point of your trip and the moment when the app starts recording data. The route illustrated on the map may have errors and may not reflect your actual trip. The inferred parts of your trip are not taken into account when calculating your score.

Why did my scored distance/scored trips go down?

DriveRight® Mobile calculates your score based on the last two weeks of your trips, so the scored distance and number of scored trips is just the amount driven in the past two weeks.

Will the app detect an auto accident?

DriveRight® Mobile does not detect or record auto accidents. It is important to contact your Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance agent if you are involved in an accident.