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Consumer Reports

How the Use of Consumer Reports Affects Your Insurance Premium

Thank you for choosing Kentucky Farm Bureau for your insurance needs. In order to provide you with quality insurance products at a fair and equitable price, we order consumer reports such as motor vehicle, loss history, Auto Attract insurance score and/or other insurance scores.

Because information from these reports is predictive of future insurance losses, we are able to offer lower premiums to those customers who are less likely to incur losses.

If your agent directed you to this web page due to information from your consumer reports which adversely affected your underwriting risk with us, please read the information below.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires us to notify you if information from your consumer report(s) adversely affects you.

Although the information from your consumer report(s) may not affect your insurance premium at the current time, it affects your underwriting status with us and may affect your premium in the future.

You have the right to obtain a free copy of your consumer report(s) and to dispute the accuracy or completeness of any information in the report(s). To request your free copy of your consumer report(s) or to dispute the information contained in the report(s) with LexisNexis, the consumer reporting agency that provided those reports to us, please contact LexisNexis directly.

The address for the LexisNexis Consumer Center is:
P.O. Box 105108, Atlanta, Georgia 30348-5108
or you may call the toll-free number:

You must request your free copy of your consumer report(s) within sixty (60) days of obtaining a premium estimate or application.

Companies make business decisions using information provided by LexisNexis. LexisNexis did not make the decision to take the adverse action and is unable to explain the specific reason why the adverse action may have been taken.

If the credit information in your consumer report(s) has been directly influenced by an extraordinary life circumstance, you have the following rights.

You may request a reasonable exception to our rates, rating classifications, company or tier placement, or underwriting rules or guidelines if you have experienced and your credit information has been directly influenced by any of the following events:

(a) Catastrophic event, as declared by the federal or state government;
(b) Serious illness or injury, or serious illness or injury to an immediate family member;
(c) Death of a spouse, child, or parent;
(d) Divorce or involuntary interruption of legally owed alimony or support payments;
(e) Identity theft;
(f) Temporary loss of employment for a period of three (3) months or more, if it results from involuntary termination; or
(g) Military deployment overseas.

Your request for an exception, as outlined above, must be submitted to us in writing and must include reasonable written and independently verifiable documentation of the event. You must also demonstrate that the event had direct and meaningful impact on your credit information.

Your written request must be made within sixty (60) days from the date of your application or policy renewal.