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Community Focus - Young Farmers Outing

  • March 06, 2013

Kentucky Farm Bureau just had their 2013 Winter Young Farmers outing in Jefferson County. We had several Board Members and their spouses attend many of the activities!

Over all it as a fun learning experience for everyone. We had the chance to listen to Carilynn Gravatte speak on social media. Social Media is communication on a different wave length, progressing with time! In the past we used letter writing, radio and newspapers as a form of communication; now we use means where people can easily and quickly communicate and have a two sided conversation, like Facebook or text messaging. That is Social Media! Even this Blog!
Jon Petz is a motivational speaker who spoke about challenging yourself to do something new and taking action creatively & making $100.00 out of lemons.... He pressed that it was important to take action, and not just talk about it.

Officer Dwayne Cook of the Kentucky State Police discussed vehicle enforcement with the KY Young Farmers. He is cleared up many concerns for all of the KY farmers who attended. He was even gracious enough to give out his information so that we could contact him if we had any further questions!

As always we had an group evening activity that was enjoyed by over 100 Kentucky Young Farmers. We went to the Monster Jam! It was so much fun, everyone had a blast!



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