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Community Focus - Children's Barnyard

  • January 15, 2013


Each year Jefferson County Farm Bureau provides volunteers for the Children's Barnyard Duck Slide. Through out the two weeks many volunteers spend several days helping where ever they can for the entire Children's Barnyard.

NAILE-01 (Custom) NAILE-02 (Custom) NAILE-03 (Custom)

Anna Basket and Barb Gagel are seen keeping an eye on the ducklings.

NAILE-04 (Custom) NAILE-05 (Custom) NAILE-06 (Custom)
Matt Michaud feeding Peanut. Nancy Monroe's son Seth was always around and ready to help with the animals. Right before the sale of champions the winners get baths and are groomed by their owners. Volunteers escort them and help in anyway needed.
NAILE-07 (Custom) NAILE-08 (Custom)  
Samantha McNay's son Ben got up close and personal with the Barnyard's Alpaca! Dagwood the Mini Donkey and Pal The Louisville Metro Police Mount, got to be good friends and said hello often.  




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