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Book Barns are being delivered to Jefferson County Public Schools!
  • June 23, 2015

In the past month Jefferson County Farm Bureau has begun delivering our "Book Barns" to schools around the county! This project has been inspired by other Brilliant Farm Bureau Counties! Several of our schools are either including them in the library or putting them in select classes to use for more in depth education!

Included in every "Book Barn" are 5 agricultural books, in hopes to promote the agriculture industry but also continue showing all the positive effects agriculture has on our daily live. Each year Jefferson County Farm Bureau will be providing additional books, as well as delivering "Book Barns" to additional schools!

We are very excited to bring this project to our community and grow it further!

2015 Book Barn 1

Seneca FFA members delivered this book barn and books to
Goldsmith Elementary library.

2015 Book Barn 2

We also presented Mrs. Heidi Keairns, Librarian for Field
Elementary with a book barn.


2015 Seneca High School Animals for Learning
  • June 11, 2015

For the past few years Jefferson County Farm Bureau has been helping the Seneca Ag Program with their yearly event, Animals For Learning. This year we also helped by reading the Foundation for Agriculture’s Book of the Year, “The Apple Orchard Riddle" to classes who attended the event!

These students are always wonderful to work with.

2015 Seneca High School Animals for Learning 1 2015 Seneca High School Animals for Learning 22015 Seneca High School Animals for Learning 3 2015 Seneca High School Animals for Learning 42015 Seneca High School Animals for Learning 5 2015 Seneca High School Animals for Learning 6

Val The Cow @ Cow Pie Bingo
  • May 15, 2015

Recently Executive Director Matt Michaud, Vice President Samantha McNay and Jami Guess visited Holy Cross High School for their annual Cow Pie Bingo event. Sunny Acres Farm and Jefferson County Farm Bureau has been providing Holy Cross with their "Fertilizer Cow" for three years.

Valentine (The Steer) really enjoyed his second trip to the event.

2015 Cow Pie edit 1 2015 Cow Pie 2
2015 Cow Pie 3 2015 Cow Pie 4
2015 Cow Pie 5  


Val was comfortable enough to decide to nap...while cute, didn't really help select a "Cow Pie Bingo" winner.

2015 Cow Pie 6

2015 Cow Pie 7

In the end everyone had a great time and Val got to meet some wonderful people.


2015 Kentucky Farm Bureau Congressional Tour group in Washington D.C
  • March 17, 2015

Opening remarks with KFB President Mark Haney and Executive Vice President David Beck. The Congressional Tour is an excellent opportunity for our members to meet with their Congressional leaders and share our values, concerns, and policy as it relates to our Farm Families and operations.

2015 Kentucky Farm Bureau Congressional Tour group in Washington D.C.

Matthew Ingram, Assistant to the Executive Vice President and Director, Organization Division leads constituents of Congressman John Yarmuth, District 3 in how they can effectively communicate KFB and AFBF policy.

2015 Kentucky Farm Bureau Congressional Tour group in Washington D.C.

Majority Leader of the Senate, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) addresses the 2015 Kentucky Farm Bureau Congressional Tour group in Washington D.C.

2015 Kentucky Farm Bureau Congressional Tour group in Washington D.C.

Q&A session with Leader McConnell (R-KY) and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

2015 Kentucky Farm Bureau Congressional Tour group in Washington D.C.

Board Member Larry Butler & Matthew Michaud enjoy a meal at Hill Country Barbecue in D.C.

2015 Kentucky Farm Bureau Congressional Tour group in Washington D.C.

Taking time before the official tour started, Matthew and Sammy spent some time touring Annapolis Maryland.

2015 Kentucky Farm Bureau Congressional Tour group in Washington D.C.

Photos and/or commentary provided by Jefferson County Farm Bureau Executive Director Matthew Michaud and Vice President Sammy McNay.

Food Check-out Day 2015
  • March 17, 2015

NationalFoodCheckoutDay.jpg - Alissa Summers member of the Louisville Aggies 4-H Livestock Club and Tommee Clark, Owner of Sunny Acres Farm in Louisville, KY met with one of many consumers to visit the Jeffersontown Winters Farmers Market this past Saturday.  Tommee and Alissa helped to promote National Food Checkout Day by having folks guess how much all the food cost on the table.  The two closest guesses would receive a gift certificate to purchase produce or other items from the Deutsch Family Farm or Sunny Acres Farm.  The winners were:

Carrie Peters - $20 gift certificate to Sunny Acres, and Linda Hudson - $20 to Deutsch Family farm.

All of the food used for the demonstration was donated to the Jeffersontown Area Ministries.

Food Check-out Day 2015

2015 YF, AFBF and Woman's AFBF Conference Roundup
  • March 02, 2015

For the first time ever, The YF & R AFBF Conference was combined with the Women's AFBF conference and is was spectacular.

Sam McNay and I (Jami Guess) attended taking in many classes, many of which revolved around education. One of our favorite speakers, Angela Mayfield The Education Director at AFBF, presented a workshop discussing Energy and Ag.

JCFBKY Fusion 6

At the beginning we were put into groups of 8, to list what kind of energy we used from noon- 6pm during our average day. It was quite enlightening to hear what everyone thought of. It ranged from physical energy to electrical energy use.

JCFBKY Fusion 5

During the course of the workshop we actually participated worked on activities pulled from the "Energy & Agriculture Educators Guide" provided to us during the workshop.

JCFBKY Fusion 4


On one of our days in Sammy and I participated in a FUSION Community Service Outreach project building a can structure or art piece.

JcFBKY Fusion 3



Our final piece, showcasing the Ag Foundations book of the year.

JCFBKY Fusion 2


The Apple Orchard Riddle. By
Margaret McNamara.

Apple Orchard Book Cover



Jefferson County Scholarship Awards
  • January 21, 2015

Jefferson County Farm Bureau was trilled to award several scholarships for the 2014 school year. The following students are the lucky recipients:

  • Blake Christopher Merkley - Awarded a $16,000.00 Scholarship.
  • Elmedina Brkic - Awarded a $16,000.00 Scholarship.
  • Hannah Elizabeth Oates - Awarded a $1,000.00 Scholarship.


Scholarships Scholarships
Scholarships Scholarships


Animals for Learning at Seneca High School
  • May 27, 2014

Jefferson County Farm Bureau members brought several trailers of animals to Seneca High School (Louisville, Kentucky) for their annual "Animals for Learning" event. 

During the event many school children, ranging from Elementary to High School, got to spend time interacting with animals that they would not encounter on a normal basis, if not ever.

What makes this event unique and extraordinary is the fact that it is mainly the FFA members teaching and interacting with other students. 

This year Farm Bureau Members manned the Bee/Honey station.

IMG_9315 (Custom) IMG_9323 (Custom)
IMG_9324 (Custom) IMG_9339 (Custom)
IMG_9348 (Custom) IMG_9350 (Custom)
IMG_9367 (Custom) IMG_9370 (Custom)
IMG_9375 (Custom) IMG_9376 (Custom)



Jefferson County
  • March 05, 2014

Several members of our Board of Directors visited D.C. and had the opportunity to meet with and ask our Congressmen and Senators questions.

On Wednesday morning we had our breakfast meeting, afterwards having a
sit-down meeting with Congressman John Yarmuth.

Later that same day we went to the capitol for a Q & A session with our Kentucky Senators, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul.


DC-ForBloggingA-43 (Custom)                             DC-ForBloggingA-44 (Custom)


JBG_0272-3095940940-O (Custom)               JBG_0294-3096035003-O (Custom)     JBG_0301-3095954081-O (Custom)






Visit to Elk Creek with Kentucky Kate
  • November 25, 2013

Sammy, Matt, Jami & Calvin all went out to Elk Creek recently with KY Kate. While we were there we got to meet with many children who were enjoying their VBS! The kids loved Kate and were very excited to make butter!

Taken from Kentucky Department of Agriculture's Website: " Kentucky Kate is a life-size, fiberglass, milk-able cow that is available for educational and promotional events. Kate is owned by the Kentucky Dairy Development Council (KDDC) which is a non-profit group consisting mainly of dairy producers and dairy industry representatives. The cow was funded by contributions from the Dairy Products Association of Kentucky (DPAK), Kentucky Dairy Boosters, ADA/SUDIA, Kentucky Farm Bureau, and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. She made her debut in the Spring of 2002."

IMG_8440-1024x1024 (Custom) IMG_8479-1024x1024 (Custom)
IMG_8482-1024x1024 (Custom) IMG_8478-1024x1024 (Custom)

Visit to All Saints Summer Camp
  • August 07, 2013

Father Matthew Bradley invited Jefferson County Farm Bureau to visit All Saints Episcopal Summer Camp with our traveling barn yard.

20130626-170852 (Custom)

It was a beautiful afternoon. The kids were lovely and were already educated so well about farming and animals! Below you can see Matt Michaud and Sammy McNay with June(The Warmblood) and June (The Mini Potbelly!)

20130626-170859 (Custom) 20130626-170913 (Custom)
20130626-170905 (Custom) 20130626-170923 (Custom)

 We had our own adventure on the way home. After having some vehicle difficulty we were recused by two amazing farmers from the Jefferson County/Mt. Washington area. Calvin and Taylor were our personal heros!

IMG_8323 (Custom)

Gagel's Farm featured in KFB News
  • August 07, 2013

20130702-183902 (Custom)

George Gagel, of our own Jefferson County Farm Bureau Board of Directors, and The Gagel's Farm has been featured in an issue of the Kentucky Farm Bureau News magazine recently. 



Holy Cross Event
  • June 14, 2013

 Holy Cross High School contacted Matt Michaud, our Executive Director, recently, to see if he could find a cow to assist them in a fundraiser. We love that people automatically think of Farm Bureau when it come to any of their "Farm" needs. Even if it is just to borrow a cow! They were so excited to do their version of "Cow Pie Bingo" and have his help in locating the perfect cow for their game! He contacted Sunny Acres Farm and the game was ready to go!

It was so much fun to have Angel the cow show up to the Holy Cow at the Holy Cross event. It is amazing to see how Agriculture is slowly making itself so much more known in the major cities. With so many people growing curious about their food, they are reaching out, so we talked quite a bit about beef cows and local farming that night! Everyone wanted to know where Angel was from, all about her and local farms!

Jefferson County Farm Bureau assisted Holy Cross in raising $6,000.00 for new bleachers in their gym.

CowPieBingo1 (Custom) CowPieBingo3 (Custom)
CowPieBingo5 (Custom) CowPieBingo6 (Custom)



Taking Kentucky Kate for a visit
  • June 14, 2013

We Recently visited The Ascension School with Kentucky Kate. We educated their students about the dairy industry and worked with the children while they make butter!

We had amazing help from Seneca FFA students Kelsey & Michael. As well as Jami and Matt from JCFB!

1 (Custom) 2 (Custom) 3 (Custom)
4 (Custom) 5 (Custom)  



Minors Lane Elementary
  • May 14, 2013

On April 17th a small group from Jefferson Country Farm Bureau headed out to Minors Lane Elementary for their annual S.T.E.M. event. We love seeing the excitement of the kids faces and teaching them about the animals. So many of the kids have never had any kind of hands on experience with any animals! We took Hope The Goad, Daisy the Chicken, June the Horse and Midnight the rabbit. The rain didn't dampen any of the kids spirits at all!

Minors-Lane1 (Custom) Minors-Lane2 (Custom)
Minors-Lane3 (Custom) Minors-Lane4 (Custom)



Agents Cook Out
  • May 14, 2013

At our last meeting our agents informed us they were going to treat us to a cooked meal! It was great seeing old friends, making new friends and having great fellowship!

 AgentsCookOUt04 (Custom)  AgentsCookOUt06 (Custom)  AgentsCookOUt03 (Custom)
 AgentsCookOUt07 (Custom)  AgentsCookOUt08 (Custom)  AgentsCookOUt09 (Custom)



Reading At Wilt Elementary During National Ag Literacy Week
  • May 10, 2013

Today several members of Jefferson County Farm Bureau went to Wilt Elementary and read to two different classes in honor of National Ag Literacy Week.

While we were with each class we read a book, played a game of Ag Jeopardy and also instructed the children on different small farm animals.

A special thanks to Sandi, Matt, Tommee, Sammy and Jami for helping out today!

20130323-012511 (Custom) 20130323-012456 (Custom)
20130323-012442 (Custom) 20130323-012428 (Custom)



Young Farmers Outing
  • March 06, 2013

Kentucky Farm Bureau just had their 2013 Winter Young Farmers outing in Jefferson County. We had several Board Members and their spouses attend many of the activities!

Over all it as a fun learning experience for everyone. We had the chance to listen to Carilynn Gravatte speak on social media. Social Media is communication on a different wave length, progressing with time! In the past we used letter writing, radio and newspapers as a form of communication; now we use means where people can easily and quickly communicate and have a two sided conversation, like Facebook or text messaging. That is Social Media! Even this Blog!
Jon Petz is a motivational speaker who spoke about challenging yourself to do something new and taking action creatively & making $100.00 out of lemons.... He pressed that it was important to take action, and not just talk about it.

Officer Dwayne Cook of the Kentucky State Police discussed vehicle enforcement with the KY Young Farmers. He is cleared up many concerns for all of the KY farmers who attended. He was even gracious enough to give out his information so that we could contact him if we had any further questions!

As always we had an group evening activity that was enjoyed by over 100 Kentucky Young Farmers. We went to the Monster Jam! It was so much fun, everyone had a blast!



Children's Barnyard
  • January 15, 2013


Each year Jefferson County Farm Bureau provides volunteers for the Children's Barnyard Duck Slide. Through out the two weeks many volunteers spend several days helping where ever they can for the entire Children's Barnyard.

NAILE-01 (Custom) NAILE-02 (Custom) NAILE-03 (Custom)

Anna Basket and Barb Gagel are seen keeping an eye on the ducklings.

NAILE-04 (Custom) NAILE-05 (Custom) NAILE-06 (Custom)
Matt Michaud feeding Peanut. Nancy Monroe's son Seth was always around and ready to help with the animals. Right before the sale of champions the winners get baths and are groomed by their owners. Volunteers escort them and help in anyway needed.
NAILE-07 (Custom) NAILE-08 (Custom)  
Samantha McNay's son Ben got up close and personal with the Barnyard's Alpaca! Dagwood the Mini Donkey and Pal The Louisville Metro Police Mount, got to be good friends and said hello often.  




Food Check-Out Week
  • February 28, 2012
Through charitable donations to the Louisville Metro Ronald McDonald House during Food Check-Out Week, we recognize the need everyone has to find solutions to feeding families healthy foods on a tight budget.
Img1 (Custom)     During the months of February and March Jefferson County's Farm Bureau collected goods for our local Ronald McDonald House. We are very proud of our offices Participation.
Img2 (Custom)   The Lyndon office took the call above and beyond what anyone expected. They managed to make Tiffany's desk disappear!

Jefferson County
  • June 04, 2010

KFB supports every community through information products and service programs including Women's Leadership Activities, Ag in the Classroom, Commodity Market Information, Scholarships, Certified Roadside Farm Markets and Young Farmers. In addition, we offer a wide range of member benefits. Contact your local office today and learn how to get the most from your farm bureau membership

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