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Business Claims

The following provides general claim information, but please keep in mind that every claim is different and must be considered in the context of the particular policy and any endorsements that you may have in place.  Each policy has specific terms and conditions that detail your coverages.  The following information is not intended to modify any of the terms or conditions in your individual policy.

Will my premium increase or my policy be cancelled if I file a claim?

Depending on your claims history, the dollar amount of past claims and the frequency of claims, you may incur an increase on your policy. To help keep our rates affordable for all KFB members, we must occasionally cancel a policy if a policyholder becomes a high risk – for example, by filing multiple claims within a brief period of time or taking unnecessary risks. Please contact your KFB Insurance agent for additional information.

Should I start making repairs before you inspect the damage?

We know you're eager to start putting your business back together, but it’s best to wait until our claims professional has conducted our first on-site inspection. The only thing you should do is protect your property from further damage – cover broken windows and gaps in the roof or exterior walls. By waiting, we’ll be able to identify all of the damages that may be covered by your policy, ensuring you receive everything you’re entitled to. 

Will my claim be covered?

There are a number of factors to consider before answering this question. What coverages you purchased in your Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance policy? What was the cause of the loss or damage? What property was lost or damaged? Contact your local Kentucky Farm Bureau agent or claims representative to discuss the coverage afforded under your policy.

What's a deductible?

A deductible is the dollar amount of the claim you are responsible to pay. If you have a $500 deductible, generally you will be responsible for the first $500 of any claim for your property that you file and then Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance will pay the remainder. You choose the deductible on your policy when you purchase insurance. A higher deductible lowers the price of your premium.

To whom do I pay the deductible?

We will typically reduce the amount paid to you by the amount of your deductible. You will usually pay the deductible to the contractor or repair person upon completion of repairs.

Does KFB protect me if I am sued?

Should any party allege that you or any insured under your policy is responsible for bodily injury or property damage, Kentucky Farm Bureau will conduct an investigation to assess the allegations. If you receive notice of a lawsuit filed against you, please notify your KFB agent and/or claims representative immediately, and forward any documents you receive to them as soon as possible.

What if my business is unable to continue or temporarily closed? Do you cover loss of revenue?

Your claims representative will complete a thorough investigation and review of your policy to determine if loss of revenue coverage applies.  

Can I choose the contractor who repairs my property?

Yes. We suggest you seek out contractors with a proven reputation and track record in your area. To help ensure you choose a reliable contractor, we recommend the following steps:

  • Get recommendations from friends, relatives and business associates.
  • Get references from contractors you interview and check those references.
  • Contact your local Better Business Bureau office or website for information on contractors you’re considering.
  • Don’t sign a contract until you’ve reviewed it carefully and have agreed to payment terms.
  • Make sure the contractor has been doing business in your area for some time. Large storms often lure out-of-state contractors to Kentucky who may be “here today, gone tomorrow."

Do I need to file a police report for property damage or loss due to theft?

Yes. Your policy requires you to file a report with the appropriate authorities.

My business has been damaged by a flood. Am I covered?

In Kentucky, flood insurance is a federal program. Many of our agents sell flood insurance through this federal program, but the coverage is not administered by Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance. Learn more about this program at the program’s official website ( or contact your KFB Insurance agent.  

Is my property covered for damages caused by natural disasters and/or acts of God?

Often the answer is yes, but all claims are investigated and evaluated on their individual merits. Your Kentucky Farm Bureau agent or claims representative can discuss your specific situation with you.

What if I do not have all the information needed – should I wait to file a claim?

No. Please file your claim as soon as possible after the loss occurs. As additional information develops, provide it to your Kentucky Farm Bureau claims representative. We will gladly review additional documentation and conduct additional investigation if warranted. 

What do I need to show proof of ownership for stolen property?

All of the following can help in showing proof of ownership for stolen property: receipts, owner’s manuals, product packaging, appraisals, photos, and videos. In addition, we recommend recording each area of your business with a video camera and keeping the information in a fireproof safe of safe deposit box.