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Happy Boss's Day
  • October 21, 2015

Today we celebrated Boss’s Day by giving our Agency Manager a homemade card! He loved it!
Thank you, Todd White, for being such a great boss! We appreciate you!!!

Boss Day

Boss Day

2015 Annual Meeting
  • October 19, 2015

 2015 Annual Meeting 1

About 200 members enjoyed an excellent meal catered by Earl G Dumplin’s at the October 1 member meeting, with about 135 attending the business meeting.

2015 Annual Meeting 2

Board Member, Charlie Guy, explained that several resolutions supported by the Allen County organization are part of KFB policy and the local group voted to send more resolutions for the state board to consider including: Encouraging the state legislature to fully fund all pension obligations, Encouraging similar subsidies to all using corn as an input or eliminating such subsidies, and Support for keeping all AG exports involved in foreign trade agreements.

2015 Annual Meeting 3

Board President, Al Pedigo, facilitated the meeting.

2015 Annual Meeting

The body elected board members to fill expiring two-year terms, the 2016 board includes: Al Pedigo, Paul Napier, John Pedigo, Charlie Guy, Dennis Arterburn, Sarah Jones, Bart Jones, Judy Garmon, and (not pictured) Marlin Moody, Stephen Howard, Jeff Downing.

2015 Annual Meeting

Kristine Gillenwater won the Outstanding Youth competition, winners in the variety contests included 1st place, Kierra Owens and runners-up Emma Carver, Sarah Beth Wright, and Sarah Hartman.

2015 Annual Meeting

The meeting was attended by 135.

2015 Annual Meeting

2015 Annual Meeting

Every attendee 12 and under was invited to the stage to be introduced and receive a crisp $5 bill!

2015 Annual Meeting

2015 Annual Meeting

Kristine Gillenwater and Kierra Owens will represent our county in the District Four Farm Bureau Meeting, November 4th.

2015 Annual Meeting 2015 Annual Meeting
2015 Annual Meeting 2015 Annual Meeting
2015 Annual Meeting  

2015 Annual Meeting

Vice President, Bar Jones, moderated the election.

2015 Annual Meeting

Sarah Jones introduced scholarship winners and discussed activities of the Women’s Committee which she chairs.

2015 Annual Meeting

Wilson Stone, our representative to the State Legislature addressed the group.

2015 Annual Meeting 

Sarah Hartman played a piece by Beethoven!

2015 Annual Meeting

Emma Carver sang in the variety contest.

2015 Annual Meeting

Sarah Beth Wright sang in the variety contest.

2015 Annual Meeting

The meeting also included prayer, pledge to the U.S. Flag and our National Anthem.

The meeting adjourned about 8:30 pm.

We want to help today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders!





2015 Legislative Dinner
  • July 16, 2015

2015 Legislative Dinner 5 2015 Legislative Dinner 4  2015 Legislative Dinner 3 2015 Legislative Dinner 9  2015 Legislative Dinner 6 2015 Legislative Dinner 0 2015 Legislative Dinner 2 2015 Legislative Dinner 7 2015 Legislative Dinner 8 2015 Legislative Dinner 1


Pizza Demonstration
  • March 24, 2015

 During National Ag Week Allen County Farm Bureau celebrated by sharing it’s “Pizza Demo” with all 10 kindergarten classes at Allen County Primary Center.  Sabriana Lonas and Amanda Carter, both part of the local farm bureau’s women’s committee, shared fresh, hot, tasty pizzas with the students along with games and stories to help the children realize that we can only have pizza because of the farmers, because every ingredient from pizza comes from someone’s farm. 

2015 Pizza time 1 2015 Pizza time 2
2015 Pizza time 3 2015 Pizza time 4
2015 Pizza time 5 2015 Pizza time 6
2015 Pizza time 7 2015 Pizza time 8
2015 Pizza time 9 2015 Pizza time 10


2014 Sales Leadership Council
  • January 15, 2015

On January 15, 2015, the 143 members of the 2014 Sales Leadership Council met for the annual Sales Leadership Council Conference this year held at The Hilton Hotel, Jackson, MS.  This elite group of Agents and Agency Managers was recognized for their outstanding job in 2014.    GREAT JOB, Glen!!!  

2014 Sales Leadership Council

Surprise Visit from Santa!
  • December 16, 2014
Santa knows who to trust for his insurance needs! Allen Co Farm Bureau got a visit from the jolly ole fella himself today!
Visit from Santa December 2014 Visit from Santa December 2014


Celebrating our Veterans
  • November 11, 2014

Every day, we are grateful for the women and men of the United States military who put themselves in harm's way to protect us! We thank those who serve now, who have served in the past, and those who have given the "last, full measure of devotion" for us!

In honor of Veteran's Day, we are serving cupcakes made by Betty Spears Catering!

2014 Veteran's Day

2014 Veteran's Day

2014 Veteran's Day

November 2014 District Meeting
  • November 10, 2014
Sarah Wright and Kristine Gillenwater did an outstanding job representing our county at the district annual meeting Saturday, November 1, 2014!

November 2014 District Meeting

Kristine Gillewnater -- Outstanding Youth

November 2014 District Meeting

Sarah Wright and Kristine Gillewnater

November 2014 District Meeting

Our Outstanding Youth

November 2014 District Meeting

Outstanding Youth Talent Contestants

November 2014 District Meeting

Sarah Wright Outstanding Youth



WKU Health Unit Institute for Rural Health
  • November 10, 2014


Flu vaccinations were given by the WKU Health Unit Institute for Rural Health at the Allen County Farm Bureau office!
Bart Jones, 1st VB of Allen County Farm Bureau Federation was on hand for the event! The clinic was open to the community, not just members! Several folks, including some of our newest members, Dan and Wendy, took advantage of the clinic.

WKU Health Unit Institute for Rural Health WKU Health Unit Institute for Rural Health
WKU Health Unit Institute for Rural Health WKU Health Unit Institute for Rural Health
WKU Health Unit Institute for Rural Health  


2014 Fall Grab 'n Go
  • November 07, 2014


October 31, 2014 Allen County Farm Bureau served goodie bags filled with coloring pages, crayons, kids drinks and lots of treats to our youngest members! A fun time was had by all!!
2014 Fall Grab n Go 2014 Fall Grab n Go
2014 Fall Grab n Go 2014 Fall Grab n Go
 http://www.goodlifeproject.com/creed/  2014 Fall Grab N Go
 2014 Fall Grab N Go  2014 Fall Grab N Go
 2014 Fall Grab N Go  2014 Fall Grab N Go
 2014 Fall Grab N Go  2014 Fall Grab N Go
 2014 Fall Grab N Go  


Farm Safety Day at WKU
  • October 27, 2014


All our 4th graders were able to attend Farm Safety Day at WKU thanks to a grant from the Allen County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee chaired by Sarah Jones!

2014 Farm Safety

2014 Farm Safety
2014 Farm Safety 2014 Farm Safety
2014 Farm Safety 2014 Farm Safety
2014 Farm Safety 2014 Farm Safety
2014 Farm Safety  2014 Farm Safety
 2014 Farm Safety  2014 Farm Safety
2014 Farm Safety  



2014 Annual Meeting
  • October 27, 2014

2014 Annual Meeting

2014 Annual Meeting 2014 Annual Meeting
2014 Annual Meeting 2014 Annual Meeting
2014 Annual Meeting 2014 Annual Meeting
2014 Annual Meeting 2014 Annual Meeting
2014 Annual Meeting 2014 Annual Meeting
2014 Annual Meeting 2014 Annual Meeting
2014 Annual Meeting 2014 Annual Meeting
 2014 Annual Meeting  2014 Annual Meeting
 2014 Annual Meeting  2014 Annual Meeting
 2014 Annual Meeting  2014 Annual Meeting
 2014 Annual Meeting  2014 Annual Meeting
 2014 Annual Meeting  2014 Annual Meeting


2014 Allen County Media Appreciation Day
  • October 21, 2014

We are so blessed to live in a nation with a free and independent media! We are equally blessed to live in a community with faithful and hardworking media personnel! The staff at The Citizen Times and at WVLE come to our ball games, our graduations, the site of accidents and catastrophes, and to our government meetings and celebrations. Join us in saying THANKS to these hardworking folks that keep us informed about what we need to know! Al Pedigo, Allen Co Farm Bureau Board President, stopped by The Citizen Times and WVLE to say, "Thanks for all you do" and to give a cake to each office that was baked and decorated by Betty Spears of Betty's Cakes and Catering!

2014 Allen Co Media Appreciation Day

2014 Media Appreciation Day Allen Co

It's always Busy at Allen County Farm Bureau
  • September 23, 2014

The September 2014 newsletter from Allen County Farm Bureau focuses on Scholarship and Leadership! It also looks forward to its annual meeting scheduled for October 2, 2014.

Visiting the Haney Appledale Orchard
  • September 23, 2014

Recently, Todd White, our agency manager and his family visited Haney’s Appledale Orchard. They had such an enjoyable time learning about the family’s history and business! In this first photo, Todd and his sons Sam and Will, are standing with Mark Haney, KY Farm Bureau Federation President, at Haney’s Appledale Orchard. You will notice hand stitched quilts hanging in the back of the photo. The story of the quilts goes , they were hand stitched by a single mom… one per year…as a thank you to Oreida Haney (the 89 year old mother of Mark and Don Haney) who took this single mom to church three times a week for many years.

Todd White and Son's visiting Haney's Appledale

Todd White and his sons Sam and Will, with Mark Haney, KY Farm Bureau Federation President, at Haney’s Appledale Orchard.

Mrs. Oreida Haney

Mrs. Oreida Haney working in the kitchen.  Notice the sign to the right of the better business bureau stating “Start with Trust”.

Sam and Will White

Todd’s sons, Sam and Will, making a pie with the apples they got at the Haney Appledale Orchard.

Apple Pie

Todd said they MUST have made a GREAT pie….he only got a taste of one crumb too small for a mouse!



2014 Annual Legislative Dinner Photos
  • September 23, 2014

Al Pedigo Interviewed

Al Pedigo is interviewed by local radio station WVLE.

Board Members

Board Members, Legislative leaders and scholarship winners

Young Leaders

Leaders of All Ages -- our young leaders

Leaders of All Ages

Leaders of All Ages -- Our Leaders

Leaders of all ages -- elders

Leaders of All Ages -- Our Elder Leaders

Scholarship Plaques

Scholarship Plaques

Jacob Vernon

One of our scholarship winners, Jacob Vernon

Sarah Jones presents scholarships

Women's Chair, Sarah Jones presenting scholarships

2014 State Fair Photos
  • August 25, 2014


2014 State Fair

Glen Jordan, Career Agent and Todd White, Agency Manager for Allen County Farm Bureau at the 2014 State Fair

2014 State Fair

Glen Jordan, Career Agent for Allen County Farm Bureau with Representative Ed Whitfield at the 2014 State Fair


2014 State Fair

Todd White, Agency Manager for Allen County Farm Bureau at the 2014 State Fair

As Good as Gold and Better
  • January 14, 2014

 IMG_9764 (Custom)

Sarah Jones was awarded the Women's Gold Star at the recent Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation Annual Meeting!

Sarah, a director of the Allen County Farm Bureau and chair of the Women's Committee was recognized f...or her implementation of a number of programs reaching benefiting Allen County.

Most recently, Sarah was responsible for obtaining a grant from Allen County Farm Bureau allowing all our 4th graders to attend the Kentucky Partners for health and Safety Day Camp at WKU last fall. She also prepares the county's annual Outstanding Youth and Youth Variety contents, promotes Food Check-Out.

A number of her programs help teach local students about farms and farmers. One favorite with the students is the Pizza Demo. The students enjoy delicious pizza and learn that EVERYTHING on a pizza comes from someone's farm! Sarah often arranges for local Farm Bureau directors to visit Primary Center classrooms bringing snacks and books about agriculture.

"We are very thankful for Sarah," commented Al Pedigo, president of the local Farm Bureau organization, "she is not only important to the success of the farm she and her husband Bart operate, but is a full-time Mom to Ty and does lots of heavy lifting for us and for the state organization."

Sarah also serves on the state organization's Swine Advisory committee. She and her husband Bart and their son Ty own and operate Red Hills Farm near Scottsville, KY.

County Board of Directors
  • December 09, 2013


IMG_8771 (Custom) AI9A9633 (Custom)
County Board member Paul Napier New Allen County Farm Bureau Board President Al Pedigo
AI9A9636 (Custom) AI9A9643 (Custom)
Vice President Bart Jones Women's Chair Sara Jones



Media Appreciation
  • October 03, 2013

To show appreciation to Allen County's local media Allen County Farm Bureau President Al Pedigo presented the staff of the local newspaper, The Citizen Times, with a beautiful cake. Also one was presented to the staff of Allen County's local radio station WVLE.

dennis al media app5 (Custom)     dennis al media app3 (Custom)



County President
  • October 03, 2013

Dennis Arterburn completes first term as Allen County Farm Bureau President. A life-long member of Allen County Farm Bureau Dennis has chosen to resign as president after completing seven years leading the local volunteer organization. He receives from incoming president Al Pedigo a commemorative paddle acknowledging his success at piloting the group and his enjoyment of kayaking our local waters.

dennis al media app2 (Custom)



Allen County Annual Meeting
  • September 23, 2013


IMG_0724 (Custom) IMG_0645 (Custom) IMG_0654 (Custom)
L.-R. Newly elected President Al Pedigo, Newly elected Vice President Bart Jones, along with special guest Wilson Stone, State Representative. Nearly 200 people attended the Allen County Farm Bureau's 2013 Annual meeting. Vice President Bart Jones and Director Steve Howard facilitated the resolution portion of our meeting.
IMG_0700 (Custom) IMG_0714 (Custom)  
All 12 of our 12 and under attendees were invited to the stage to tell their name and receive a $5 dollar bill!! We're so proud of our OUTSTANDING Youth and Variety contestants. Kristine Gillenwater, Stephen Britt, Jarod Walden, Kailey Barlow, Katherine Ditmore, Alli Lonas, and Jadyn Williams.  



Meet the Allen County Farm Bureau Director Emeritus Mr. Ralston Bewley
  • September 23, 2013


Ralston Bewley 001 (Custom) Ralston Bewley 002 (Custom)
DH000001 (Custom) Mr. Bewley 2 (Custom)


State Fair Booth
  • September 06, 2013

 photo (Custom)

Pride in Allen County! KFB insurance sponsors the "Pride of the Counties" exhibit at the state fair. Allen County FB helps sponsor our county's booth prepared by the local Chamber of Commerce and staffed by volunteers from businesses here at home---during Kentucky Farm Bureau Day at the fair, Director Al Pedigo and members Bobby Reynolds and Mary Catherine Pedigo spent some time at the booth.



Meet the Allen County Farm Bureau Directors
  • August 15, 2013


IMG_8639 (Custom) IMG_8551 (Custom)
Steve Howard Harold Rippy
IMG_8574 (Custom) IMG_8579 (Custom)
Charlie Guy Marlin Moody
IMG_8585 (Custom)  
County President Dennis Arterburn  




Legislative Appreciation Dinner
  • July 25, 2013


DSC02768 (Custom) DSC02773 (Custom)
Women's Chairman Sarah Jones presents Allen County Undergraduate scholarship winner, Emily Rutheford, with the scholarship certificate showing the board members support and appreciation. The undergraduate scholarship is a $1,000 grant for someone already in college. The Allen County Farm Bureau directors hosted the 2013 Legislative Appreciation Dinner Thursday July the 25th. State and county legislative members came and enjoyed a wonderful meal.



Scholarship Winner
  • June 05, 2013

Though the school year is winding down, Kentucky Farm Bureau (KFB) is already helping some students gear up for their first college semester. Heading into the summer, KFB’s state and county offices have provided 279 scholarship grants totaling $351,800 to students across the state.

County Farm Bureaus awarded 189 college scholarships for a total of $221,500, and the Kentucky Farm Bureau Education Foundation granted an additional 90 student scholarships in the amount of $130,300 from both county and state funding sources.

KFB’s Education Foundation, created to help Farm Bureau members and their families reach their goal of obtaining post-secondary education, was formed in 1953. The total dollar amount of scholarships has increased year after year since the program’s beginning, which, according to Susie Tanner, Coordinator of the Kentucky Farm Bureau Education Foundation, is a goal of Farm Bureau.

“Our goal is to help as many individuals as possible,” states Tanner. “There is tremendous cost in pursuing a college degree. The scholarship program is an investment in helping Kentucky students reach their educational goals.”

There are many scholarship opportunities available through the Education Foundation, and both traditional and non-traditional students are encouraged to apply.

To learn more about the scholarships offered by Kentucky Farm Bureau, visit kyfb.com/scholarships. Kentucky Farm Bureau Awards College Scholarships.

Farm Bureau Scholarship Winner (Custom)

Abbey Chandler, recent AC-SHS graduate, was awarded a $1,000 scholarship from the Allen County Farm Bureau for an AC-S Senior of Merit. She is the daughter of Brenda Strange and Mike Chandler.



2012 District Meeting
  • November 19, 2012
 IMG_0498 (Custom)  IMG_0499 (Custom)  IMG_0500 (Custom)  
Christina Atkins winner of the 2012 Allen County Annual Meeting Talent show. Thanks Christina for a great job representing Allen County! Michael Mason male contestant for the 2012 State Outstanding Youth Contest. Great Job Michael!!
Kristine Gillenwater female contestant for the 2012 State Outstanding Youth Contest. Thank you Kristine for representing Allen County so well!  
 IMG_0491 (Custom)  IMG_0484 (Custom)    
President Dennis Arterburn with all the contestants for the 2012 District Meeting. Kristine Gillenwater, Michael Mason, and Christina Atkins. President Dennis Aterburn and his wife, Martha.    



National Ag Safety Week
  • October 22, 2012

Allen County Farm Bureau Federation celebrated National Ag Safety Week with a visit and a gift to the coral at our local school system set up and operated by Allen County Special Riders!

Local farm bureau member Gordan Branham organized the group which started many years ago when he and his son Adam saw and need and responded.

Gordan was familar with research that horse-riding has many benefits for folks with physical and emotional disabilities, so he began loading up some gentle horses and a few coral panels and taking them to school once a month to offer rides to the children at no cost to anyone other than himself.

The program has really grown and with the school's permission, Gordan and the special riders organization built a permanent, covered riding arena on school property.

Sarah Jones, women's committe chair for allen county farm bureau was impressed with the program and chose to celebrate national Ag Safety Week with a gift from her committee's budget, when she asked Gordan if there were some smal way her committee could help he said "helmets, we always need to update our helmet inventory with any size safe helmet." Sarah's committee delivered two.

She is shown on the left in the group shot with county president Dennis Arterburn and Gordan Branham on the right.

IMG_9625 (Custom) IMG_9616 (Custom)
IMG_9619 (Custom) IMG_9624 (Custom)

Allen County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting
  • October 22, 2012

Over 200 enjoyed a great meal prepared by Director Al Pedigo at our Annual Meeting! In addition to great fellowship, entertainment and a valuable package of door prizes the county attended to their business and selected an Outstanding Youth and Variety contestant winner!

IMG_9600 (Custom) IMG_9608 (Custom)
Women's Chair, Sarah Jones between variety winner Christian Atkins and outstanding youth winner, Christina Gillenwater. Shown (left to right) member Ty Jones, his dad, board member Bart Jones, county president Dennis Arterburn and Ford truck salesperson Lauren Robinson with a banner promoting the Ford Truck benefit, Lauren had a brand new Ford on display for the meeting!
IMG_9473 (Custom) IMG_9498 (Custom)
Career agent Glen Jordan chatting with Russell Poore at the meeting A camera-shy director serves up a great meal!



On-Farm Composting - Efforts of the UK Extension office and Allen County FSA
  • October 03, 2012

We joined with UK Extension and Allen County FSA to promote on-farm composting of animal mortalities at the recent Field Day help on the farms of two of our members Gail Furrow and L.C. Tabor. Our career agent Glen Jordan is working the information table and chatting with member John Holder. If you haven't started a composting program on your farm you are missing out on an important efficiency! please review the documents attached for tips on how to get started!"

On-Farm Composting at Field Day



Media Appreciation
  • September 05, 2012

No Democracy can endure without a free press! We are blessed to have an outstanding local newspaper as well as an excellent local radio news program. We're thankful for the important role they play in our community and for always making time to give fair and balanced coverage to agriculture and farm bureau news. To show our appreciation the county board recently dropped off cakes to our local media! Secretary Judy Garmon presented the cakes to Shelly at WVLE Radio and to Jeneatta (accounts and billing) Robert Pitchford (publisher) and Matt Pedigo (news editor) of the Citizen Times.

 IMG_2137 (Custom)  IMG_2136 (Custom)



Educational Activities
  • September 05, 2012

Scott Christmas, head of KFB Federation Women's Activities spoke to the Scottsville-Allen County Rotary in August about the organization's educational activities. Christmas is pictured here with Allen County FB Member Richard Wheaton who recently spoke to many of Kentucky's educators about Ag In The Classroom.

photo (Custom)

Allen County Farm Bureau in the news
  • August 28, 2012

Click links below to see recent news articles and clippings featuring the following:

Allen County Farm Bureau Federation

National Ag Week

Glen Jordan named District Two Agent of the Year

Legislative Appreciation Event
  • August 28, 2012

The county Federation showed appreciation for the elected officials who represent us locally as well as at the state and federal level at an event held in July.

DSC02138 (Custom) DSC02136 (Custom) DSC02144 (Custom)

Allen County at the KFB Annual Meeting
  • January 18, 2011
Allen Co Talent Show Winner (Custom) Our annual meeting talent winner also won the regional contest and did a great job singing at the state convention!
Dennis at Annual Meeting (Custom) Board president Dennis Arterburn accepts an award for 48 consecutive years of membership growth! No other county has a longer record!

Eva Carter honored for 50 years of dedicated service
  • January 18, 2011

Eva 50 years 3 (Custom)

We are so thankful for Eva Carter, membership secretary and office CSR for 50 years!

Look how young she is! She is still providing our members with great service

Christmas time at Allen County Farm Bureau
  • December 24, 2010
IMG_6039 (Custom) Agency manager, Todd White, enjoyed reading "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" to Allen County Primary's first graders. The kids sent him a big thank you note!

 Merry Christmas from Allen County Farm Bureau! Our Christmas was filled with Hope and Peace, and we hope yours was too!

IMG_6074 (Custom) IMG_6126 (Custom) IMG_6076 (Custom)


Animal Welfare
  • October 26, 2010
IMG_5706 (Custom) FARMERS LOVE ANIMALS! Few people have more concern for animal welfare than farmers. County Board President Dennis Arterburn is shown here with one of three sacks of feed the organization donated to our local Humane Shelter. Our local shelter cares for and tries to place unwanted dogs and cats.

Invasion of the Scarecrows
  • October 21, 2010

Scarecrow and staff 2 (Custom) Scottsville, KY welcomes fall by decorating their town with scarecrows! The Allen County KFB office staff poses here with our scarecrow. From left to right are: Eva Carter, Mickey Parrish, Judy Garmon, Leigh Ann Darley and Amanda Carter.


Pizza Demonstration
  • October 19, 2010

DSC03229 (Custom) Victory Christian, an Allen County private school, enjoyed pizza AND a fun lesson about how all ingredients for a pizza come from a farm!
DSC03234 (Custom) Sabriana Lonas, insurance office Customer Service Representative, is surrounded by a happy group of students enjoying the KFB Pizza Demo.
DSC03219 (Custom) The students enjoyed “Pizza-Ingredient-BINGO” as part of the state office Pizza Demo lesson.
DSC03209 (Custom) Sabriana Lonas, Customer Service Representative in the local KFB office and a volunteer from Victory Christian, helps out at the October 2010 Pizza Demo.



Allen County Annual Meeting
  • October 06, 2010
Farm Bureau Meeting 002 (Custom) Our annual membership meeting was held September 30th. Here, Outstanding Youth contestant Christina Atkins addresses the gathering with contestants Wesley Walden and Katherine Gillenwater in the background.  
Farm Bureau Meeting 009 (Custom) About 250 members attended including this young member, Ty Jones.  
Farm Bureau Meeting 005 (Custom) Joe Rogan, Area Program Director for district 4 was Master of Ceremonies for the Variety and Outstanding Youth events.  

Click here to see the Citizen Time's article about our annual meeting.

Scholarship Winner
  • September 30, 2010

Allen County Outstanding Student Undergraduate Scholarship winner Janie Pruitt won a $1,000 scholarship; shown below as presented by long time Allen County Farm Bureau employee Mickey Parrish.

IMG_3136 (Custom)

Allen County

KFB supports every community through information products and service programs including Women's Leadership Activities, Ag in the Classroom, Commodity Market Information, Scholarships, Certified Roadside Farm Markets and Young Farmers. In addition, we offer a wide range of member benefits. Contact your local office today and learn how to get the most from your farm bureau membership.

Allen County welcomes fall with their city's display of scarecrows! Local business display scarecrows that often look remarkably like someone at the office. The local farm bureau office staff assembled this display.

halloween (Custom) 

Secretary Eva Carter, Board member Jerry Marsh and CSR Sabriana Lonas served at the recent Disaster Preparedness Fair held at our local extension office. Fair attenders learned how insurance and financial planning are vital to surviving emergencies and disasters. Curious if you're prepared? Click on the link to view the financial planning pyramid and tips on how to start preparing today!

2009 disaster preperation 001 (Custom)  2009 disaster preperation 002 (Custom) 

2009 disaster preperation 003 (Custom) 

Scholarship Winners

Each year the county federation provides two $1000 scholarships! One is for a high school senior but one can be awarded to either a high school senior or a student already enrolled in college.


The winner of this year's upper classman scholarship is Elizabeth Ralph--a senior in nursing at WKU. She is pictured here accepting the check from county secretary Eva Carter. Best wishes Elizabeth!

nick carter Nick Carter receives a certificate from county federation President Dennis Arterburn. Nick was awarded our $1,000 ACSH Senior scholarship. Nick is the son of Ricky and Lisa Carter.

2009 Legislative Appreciation Banquet
DSC05837 (Custom) 

The board recently invited our elected representatives from county, state, and local level to an appreciation banquet. Here are the directors and guests! Good looking group!

DSC05838 (Custom)  Folks of all ages attended the banquet! 
DSC05840 (Custom)  Seated is Harold Wayne Rippy, a long-time county board member, WWII veteran, life-long farmer and community volunteer. Mr. Rippy was awarded a Kentucky Colonel by State Representative Wilson Stone. 
DSC05828 (Custom) A Surprise visitor…a gorilla bearing balloons stopped by the meeting.
DSC05831 (Custom)  What a banquet! Board directors and their families provided these tasty additions to the 2009 Legislative Appreciation Banquet. 

Our very own Allen county farm bureau directors, Bart and Sarah Jones were selected as Kentucky Farm Bureau's Outstanding Young Farm Family of the Year AND were named one of the TOP TEN young farm families in the nation at the American Farm Bureau convention held in San Antonio January 2009! See the March 19 Citizen Times for a complete story.

 legislative appreicate dinner President Dennis Arterburn and State Board Member prepare steak for the county board's legislative appreicate dinner July 2008.
 legislative appreciation dinner02 Ky Farm Bureau President Marshall Coyle and State Senator Ritchie Sanders visit at our 2008 legislative appreciation dinner.

 OFBY_winner Tyler Arterburn is our 2008 IFAL attendee AND winner of our 2008 Outstanding Youth Contest!

 DisasterEmergencyFair Local insurance agents Todd White and Glen Jordan staffed the Allen County Federation booth at our community's Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Fair held at the local YMCA.

Helen Faye Pruitt
Helen Faye Pruitt was one of our TWO $1,000 scholarship winners. Travis Ogles, our other winner is not pictured. Helen receives her check from long-time county office CSR, Mickey Parrish.

Estate Planner




Estate Planner Rob Pittman shared information with our local cattleman's assocation at one of their monthly meetings.

Allen Co Agency Manager, Todd White and wife Robin, accept an award on behalf of the agency! The hard work and dedication of the local office staff earned them "Agency of the Year" for insurance district 2 for the 3rd year in a row! This award was presented at insurance company's annual conference held March 2008 at the Galt House. Presenting the award are Ken Wilson and John Sparrow of the insurance company.


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