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Before the storm

  • Awareness
    The highest risk of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in Kentucky typically occurs in March through June, but, when the weather conditions are right, we’ve all seen that they can happen any time of the year. Listen daily to your local weather forecast and be aware of threatening or potentially severe weather situations. Remember to place your safety and the safety of your family above all else in any severe weather situation.

    Want more tips? Read this extended list of tips about severe weather safety on Life's Blueprints, a blog by KFB Insurance. 
  • Identify Your Property
    Unfortunately, some storms can cause a catastrophic loss of property. In those cases it is very helpful to have an itemized list of your property on file to speed up your recovery process. If you don’t already have a list like this started, print out this Personal Inventory Form and begin cataloging your items today!
  • Protect Your Property
    There’s no foolproof way to protect your property when severe weather is in the forecast, but there are a few preventative measures you can take around your home or business to help minimize the potential for damage. The next time a storm warning arises, be sure to:
    - Move lawn furniture inside and secure other outdoor items such as grills, trampolines and portable basketball goals. These can become wind-driven projectiles during severe thunderstorms or tornadoes.
    - Secure windows and doors throughout your house or business, and make sure you know where the safest part of the building is in the event of a tornado.
    -Move vehicles inside a garage or carport to protect them from hail damage.
  • Want more tips?
    Follow this link for additional weather safety information from the National Weather Service.