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Community Focus - Agriculture in the Classroom "Book Barn" Project

  • June 05, 2013

The Garrard County Farm Bureau is on a mission to educate county children about various subjects in agriculture, from trees to tomatoes, from bees to bacon, from apples to wool. In its effort, the Farm Bureau has donated “Book Barns” -barn shaped bookcases-to each elementary school library in Garrard County.

Each unique bookshelf was constructed by the students of Mike Oakley at the Garrard County Area Technology Center using materials purchased with a grant from Kentucky Farm Bureau Women’s Mini-Grant Program. The paint and stain were then applied by Ashley Bolton of the Garrard County Women’s Committee.

The “Book Barn” project, which is part of the Farm Bureau’s Agriculture in the Classroom Program is geared toward the education of agriculture and teaching the importance of ag in everyday lives.

Using a cross-section of selections from a list provided by American Farm Bureau Foundation of Agriculture, Garrard County Farm Bureau has also donated 6 books about agriculture and nature to each of the county’s elementary school libraries. In the past 6 years the Farm Bureau has also donated numerous books to each of the schools and the Garrard County Public Library.

Garrard County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee reads to the young students each March during National Agriculture Week and Kentucky Ag Literacy Week. It is hard to find books about farming that are accurate. Farm Bureau is trying to help get ag accurate books to the young students. Many families eat at a restaurant or use frozen foods at least 3 times per week. Shopping at the grocery store has become common in all households. Clothes are ready-made and available even at the dollar stores. This convenience has left the children removed from the basics-where food really comes from and how fiber is produced. Many of these books bring the farm to the children in a fun, but realistic way.

Although the “Book Barn” project exists all over the country, Garrard County took the librarians’ wishes into account and drew the plans for three unique bookshelves that would fit the needs and space of each school. Each barn was then painted bright red, black and silver or stained according to the colors requested.

The elementary school librarians have shown their extreme gratitude for the Farm Bureau donations and plan to make their own additions to the bookshelves.

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Pictured with the Book Barns L to R: Lesley Lawson, Librarian at Camp Dick Elementary School;
Paula Eades, Librarian at Lancaster Elementary School; and Paula Turner, Librarian at Paint Lick Elementary.

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