96 students to attend Institute for Future Agricultural Leaders - Kentucky Farm Bureau

Ninety-Six high school students to attend KFB's Institute for Future Agricultural Leaders

Posted on Jun 4, 2015

Louisville, KY (June 4, 2015) – Summer vacation may be only beginning for most students, but for 96 high school juniors the emphasis on education continues. These students, from 62 counties across the state, have accepted invitations to attend Kentucky Farm Bureau’s (KFB) 30th annual Institute for Future Agricultural Leaders (IFAL), held in two locations this month.


IFAL 2014
Students attending KFB’s Institute for Future Agricultural Leaders at the University of Kentucky posed for a group photo on their final evening together.

IFAL is a unique five-day summer leadership conference that highlights a variety of careers in agriculture while exposing high school students to a preview of college life. Participants were nominated by their county Farm Bureau board of directors with the assistance of school personnel and youth group advisors. IFAL students are among the top in their class, plan to further their education at the post-secondary level, and have an interest in pursuing a career in agriculture.

During the week-long IFAL conference, attendees will gain a better understanding of the nature and needs of the agriculture industry, see how basic and applied science is utilized in agriculture and learn of the political process used to develop agricultural policy. Participants will engage in team-building and recreational activities, attend classes, hear from speakers focusing on the values of leadership, social, communication and motivational skills, and visit research farms and other agriculture-related industries. The entire experience is wrapped in a college atmosphere as the students live in dormitories, eat in university dining facilities and become acquainted with life on a college campus.

To provide conference participants with a small-group atmosphere and greater ability to learn and engage in the activities planned, IFAL is split into two identical sessions. The first is held on the campus of Murray State University, June 14-18, and the other is hosted at the University of Kentucky, June 21-25.

“We co-host the Institute for Future Agriculture Leaders as a way to promote ag-related careers and leadership skills to Kentucky’s high school students,” said Jackson Tolle, KFB’s Assistant Director of Agriculture Education, Women and Young Farmer Programs. “Through our program, participants are exposed to local agriculture businesses and engaged in farm-focused educational activities while receiving a unique preview of life on a college campus.”

The 48 participants attending IFAL at Murray State University include: Madison Cooper and Neely Williams, Ballard County; Emily Huff, Boyd County; Audrey Frederick, Boyle County; Danielle Allen and Mary Hinton, Breckinridge County; Kelsi Mart and Krystal Snellen, Bullitt County; Ivan Beasley, Butler County; Dakota Gill, Caldwell County; Shelby Bellah, Calloway County; Makayla Arnett, Clark County; Lane Dubre and Sierra Long, Cumberland County; John Robert Murphy, Daviess County; Aimee Powell, Estill County; Sammie Arnold, Franklin County; Cody Collins, Fulton County; Gaige Meadows, Green County; Matison Bentley and Amber Brown, Greenup County; Michaela Boeglin and Luke Wilson, Henderson County; Noah Ferguson, Hickman County; Josie Herring and Samantha Vick, Hopkins County; Cassidie Cartwright, Jefferson County; Cody Osborne, Lawrence County; Kay Brown, Lincoln County; Gabby Barnes and Paige Cecil, Marion County; Kinzie Sherman, Marshall County; Melanie Robertson and Isaiah Vandiver, McLean County; Ryan Tolson, Menifee County; Harley Hawkins, Metcalfe County; Drew Dadisman, Ashley Hardin, and Michala Stillwell, Nelson County; Zach DeBord and Casey Hargis, Pulaski County; James Ballinger and Eric Bullock, Rockcastle County; Shayla Berry and Ginger Sisk, Todd County; Will Holbrook and Conner Sherman, Union County; Abby Willgruber, Warren County.

The 49 participants attending IFAL at the University of Kentucky include: Allison Brockman and Jera Kessler, Adair County; Adam Sanderson and Chance Wayne, Anderson County; Macey Maze, Bath County; Katie Crump, Bourbon County; Cameron Wilbur, Boyd County; Tia Penrod, Bracken County; Margaret Brown, Caldwell County; Caleb Foutch, Campbell County; Madison Kelly and BrookeLynn Meacham, Christian County; Emery Poore, Fayette County; Cody Burke, Fleming County; Jenna Harrod, Franklin County; Courtney Driskell and Randa Morris, Garrard County; Katie Elder, Graves County; Miranda Robinson, Greenup County; Chris Heinrich, Hardin County; Travis Fry and Gracie Furnish, Harrison County; Noah Carter, Hart County; Joseph Fischer, Henry County; Davis Fugate, Jessamine County; Jared Disney, Knox County; Tanner Erlandson, Lincoln County; Lilly Robertson, Logan County; Tori Barton, Mason County; Lora Pryor and Chelsea Stephens, McCreary County; Jesse Hayden, McLean County; Zach Flaherty, Meade County; Emily Hamilton and Ben Pinkston, Mercer County; Sarah Holder, Montgomery County; Nick Hope, Muhlenberg County; Mary Beth Hamm, Pulaski County; Sophia Brown, Shelby County; Jacob Fleming and Sydney Willingham, Simpson County; Korri Briggs and McKayla Sprowles, Taylor County; Taylor Gray and DeAnna Ladd, Trigg County; Morgan Askins, Warren County; Aracelia Chay-Yac and Israel Rains, Wayne County.

For more information about the IFAL program, visit kyfb.com/federation.


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