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KFB Women

Women are involved in numerous programs at the state and county levels to bolster the effectiveness of Farm Bureau. Farm-city activities, ag-in-the-classroom programs, food-price surveys, commodity promotions and youth contests are some examples of their work.


State Women's Leadership Conference - A statewide women’s leadership conference is held each year, attracting participants from across Kentucky. Sessions deal with current ag issues, farm/home concerns, consumer education and expanding leadership roles.

National Women's Leadership Conference

Food Check-Out Day & Week - A national campaign led by the American Farm Bureau which commemorates the calendar day when the average American family will have earned enough income to pay for the entire year's food supply. With a focus on affordable food in the United States, this campaign provides an excellent opportunity for county Farm Bureaus to show the value of local farmers.

Marketbasket Survey - Grocery store price surveys allow periodic release of news media information on food price factors and food industry trends.


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