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Bullitt County Farm Bureau Awards Scholarships
  • May 04, 2015


We would like to congratulate the following high school seniors who will receive the Bullitt County Farm Bureau scholarships this year. They are:

Gabrielle Lauren Childress will graduate from Bullitt East High School and plans to attend Eastern Kentucky University and major in Criminal Justice. She is planning on minoring in Spanish. Gabrielle would like to be in the FBI. Not only did Gabrielle receive the BCFB Scholarship; but also, she received the BCFB Young Farmers’ Scholarship.



2015 Gabrielle Childress

Emily King plans to attend the University of Kentucky and major in Equine Studies. She will graduate from Bullitt East High School this year. Her goal is to become a Horse Farm Manager. Anthony and Michelle King are her parents. Emily also received the Young Farmers’ Scholarship where she has been very active for almost two years.

2015 Emily King

Hannah Mooney is the daughter of Kevin and Melissa Mooney from Shepherdsville. She received a BCFB Scholarship and plans to attend Transylvania University to major in Business and minor in Communications. She plans to go into Law.

2015 Hannah Mooney

Austin Rhodes plans to go into Chemical Engineering. He will graduate from Bullitt East High School and attend the University of Louisville Speed School. Austin’s parents are Gary and Crystal Rhodes from Mt. Washington.

2015 Austin Rhodes

Congratulations to these four young people in their college career. May the future be wonderful for each of you.

2015 Golf Scramble
  • May 04, 2015

Golf Scramble Registration Flyer

2015 Teachers Mini Grant Application
  • May 04, 2015

 Teachers Mini-Grant Application

2015 National Ag Month
  • May 04, 2015

 National Ag Month article

High School and Young Farmer Scholarship Recipients
  • May 07, 2014


We would like to congratulate the following high school seniors who will receive the six (6) Bullitt County Farm Bureau Scholarships this year. They are:

Katelyn Elise Alcorn will graduate from Bullitt East High School and plans to attend University of Louisville to major in Nursing. She wants to become a nurse or nurse practitioner. Her parents are Michael and Sheila Alcorn of Mt. Washington.

Tyler Michael Barker plans to attend Murray State University to major in Veterinary Medicine. His career plans are to be a Veterinarian. Tyler attends North Bullitt High School. His parents are Michael and Rachelle Barker of Louisville.

After graduating from Bullitt Central High School, Megan Faye Parsley plans to attend Spalding University to major in Nursing. She plans on being a Nurse Practitioner. Her parents are Anthony Parsley and Wendy Huff.

Noah Andrew Shartzer, the son of Andrew and Stacy Shartzer, plans to attend Eastern Kentucky University after graduating from Bullitt East High School. His choice of a major is Risk Management/Insurance with a minor in Spanish.

Alexandria Rose Skidmore wants to major in Agriculture Education and become an Agriculture Teacher. After graduating from Bullitt Central High School, she will attend Murray State University to accomplish this. Her parents are John and Lana Skidmore of Shepherdsville.

After graduating from Bullitt Central High School, Megan Rae Terry will go to Murray State University to major in Agriculture with a minor in Science. Her career goal is to go into Agriculture Education. Megan’s parents are Dennis and Penny Terry of Shepherdsville.

Congratulations and best wishes in your college career.




The Young Farmers of Bullitt County Farm Bureau worked hard to make scholarship monies for their $1,000 scholarship. They do this through a Golf Scramble and a donation from Darold Akridge. The young person receiving this scholarship is Alexandria Rose Skidmore who plans to go into the agricultural field. She will graduate from Bullitt Central High School where she has been active in FFA and other school clubs at BCHS as well as the Bullitt County Farm Bureau Young Farmers and as a Junior Member of the American Beefalo Association. Alex plans to attend Murray State University to major in Agriculture Education and become an Agriculture Teacher upon graduation from there. She is from Shepherdsville and lives with her parents, John and Lana Skidmore.

Congratulations to Alexandria Skidmore and best wishes in your future career.

Scholarship Winners
  • July 11, 2013

 Farm Bureau honors four students with scholarships. To see the article as published in the Pioneer News, click here.

Disaster Relief
  • June 06, 2013

 Disaster Relief Now Available! Please click here for the application.



Young Farmer Summer Outing
  • August 10, 2011

The Kentucky Farm Bureau Young Farmers hosted their annual summer outing in the Jefferson County Kentucky area this year. The annual outing attracts young farmers, ages 18-35, from all over the state with opportunities to tour agricultural businesses, meet other farm families and have discussions on current farm issues and contests. As a special addition this year Kentucky Farm Bureau invited Indiana Farm Bureau Young Farmers to join in the event as well. The combined group was almost 500 strong.

Among the tours offered was a jaunt into Bullitt County where two Bullitt County Young Farmer families allowed the group to visit their farms. The first stop on the tour was Jim Beam Distillery with a look at how the grains farmers grow is turned into the famous bourbon.

The next stop was the O’Bryan Dairy Farm in Mt. Washington. There the O’Bryan’s displayed their dairy cattle, computerized milking operation and taught the group about the variety of feeds it takes to keep their herd in good health. The harvest method, as well as the finished product for one of those methods, hay silage, was displayed by Todd Cornell. Dean’s Dairy supplied milk to help cool everyone off. The kids also had a chance to try their hand at “milking” a wooden cow supplied by the First Baptist Church of Mount Washington.

The last stop on the Bullitt County tour was the Young & Robards Farm. While there, the group learned about farming in an urbanized environment. The Young & Robards Farm produces beef cattle, corn, hay, soybeans and wheat. They were also treated to a tour of the operation that included test plots of corn. The test plots gave the group an opportunity to see how Round-Up resistant corn and traditional corn grew under the same growing conditions as well as a look at several other varieties of corn. Kurt Mason, a special guest speaker from the Department of Natural Resources spoke to the group about programs designed to help farmers protect woodland areas of their farms as well as water sources and wildlife habitat.

The entire group enjoyed a varied tour of Bullitt County’s agribusiness and had an opportunity to learn about programs and techniques that may benefit their farms as well. The conference ended with a dinner cruise aboard the Belle of Louisville.

164 (Custom) 168 (Custom) 173 (Custom)
obrians dairy 2 (Custom) obrians dairy 5 (Custom) obrians dairy 7 (Custom)

Farm Field Day
  • June 07, 2011
DSC09168 (Custom) DSC09173 (Custom) DSC09179 (Custom)
DSC09195 (Custom) DSC09196 (Custom) DSC09201 (Custom)
DSC09238 (Custom)    


Young Farmers help clean up Alabama
  • June 01, 2011
 DSCF3152 (Custom)  DSCF3157 (Custom)  DSCF3165 (Custom)
 DSCF3169 (Custom)  DSCF3170 (Custom)  DSCF3172 (Custom)
 DSCF3174 (Custom)  DSCF3177 (Custom)  DSCF3179 (Custom)
 DSCF3181 (Custom)  DSCF3182 (Custom)  DSCF3187 (Custom)
 DSCF3189 (Custom)  DSCF3190 (Custom)  DSCF3191 (Custom)
 DSCF3193 (Custom)  DSCF3194 (Custom)  DSCF3195 (Custom)
 DSCF3198 (Custom)  DSCF3199 (Custom)  DSCF3200 (Custom)
 DSCF3201 (Custom)  DSCF3202 (Custom)  DSCF3203 (Custom)
 DSCF3204 (Custom)  DSCF3206 (Custom)  DSCF3207 (Custom)
 DSCF3208 (Custom)  DSCF3210 (Custom)  DSCF3235 (Custom)

Young Farmers
  • May 11, 2011
DSCF9855 (Custom) DSCF9856 (Custom) DSCF9857 (Custom)
DSC07538 (Custom) DSCF9859 (Custom) DSCF9860 (Custom)
DSCF9861 (Custom)    

Bob Harned's Retirement Dinner
  • April 28, 2011
DSC07514 (Custom) DSC07517 (Custom) DSC07522 (Custom)
DSC07537 (Custom) DSC07538 (Custom) DSC07549 (Custom)
DSC07563 (Custom) DSC07564 (Custom) DSC07571 (Custom)
DSC07556 (Custom)    

Bullitt County Celebrates Ag in the Classroom
  • April 25, 2011

Bullitt County Hillview Agency Manager, Jessica Sells, read an ag related book to a class full of local students. Bullitt County Farm Bureau purchased the book and distributed it to various schools in the county in honor of National Ag Week.

aginclass 001 (Custom)

Bullitt County Annual Meeting
  • October 07, 2010

The 2010 annual meeting of the Bullitt County Farm Bureau was held Saturday evening, September 11, at the Bullitt County Extension Office on Halls Lane in Shepherdsville.

Bullitt County Farm Bureau President, George Henderman, gave the welcome and presided over the meeting. Several quests were recognized.

After the invocation by George Henderman, we enjoyed a wonderful meal. The Gospel Quartet, Rejoice, entertained us during the meal. Rejoice represented Bullitt County during the State Fair Gospel Quartet Contest.

We held the Variety Contest after the meal. Chris French was the emcee for the contest and presented the following entertainers: Emily Shoemaker, Hannah Mooney, and Lilly Mooney entertained us on the keyboard. Jacob Rosson, Brittany Stewart, Noah Schwartz did vocal performances. Rashelle Juric entertained us with a comic routine about a visit on the farm. Brittany Stewart will be representing the Bullitt County Farm Bureau at the 5th District level of competition on November 6 in Spencer County.

The Outstanding Farm Bureau Youth Contest was also held. Chris French also was the emcee for this contest. The following were interviewed and then presented their speech about agriculture and Farm Bureau: Rashelle Juric, Harlie Eddington, Kelly Bischoff, Nicole Benkert, Ricky Simmons, Thomas Waters, Jamie Dennis, and Trevor Capps. Jamie Dennis and Nicole Benkert will represent the Bullitt County Farm Bureau on November 6 at the 5th District level.

During the business portion of the meeting Bill Loyall presented the slate of directors to be elected for a two-year period. Joe Raley presented the Resolutions that will be sent to the state office.

The meeting was ended by giving away the door prizes and everyone singing “God Bless America” led by Rejoice.

100_3376 (Custom) 100_3378 (Custom) 100_3382 (Custom)
100_3389 (Custom) 100_3391 (Custom) 100_3395 (Custom)
100_3339 (Custom) 100_3375 (Custom) 100_3379 (Custom)
100_3380 (Custom)    



Health Safety Day
  • October 07, 2010
DSC07258 (Custom) DSC07259 (Custom) DSC07260 (Custom)
DSC07261 (Custom) DSC07264 (Custom) DSC07265 (Custom)
DSC07267 (Custom) DSC07268 (Custom)  

Bullitt County
  • May 24, 2010

KFB supports every community through information products and service programs including Women's Leadership Activities, Ag in the Classroom, Commodity Market Information, Scholarships, Certified Roadside Farm Markets and Young Farmers. In addition, we offer a wide range of member benefits. Contact your local office today and learn how to get the most from your farm bureau membership.


Safety Day
  • May 03, 2010
Bullitt County Safety Day  
DSCF8688 (Custom)  DSCF8698 (Custom) DSCF8694 (Custom) 
EMS talking about what you do if
you are a First Responder to an accident 
The FFA talking about ATV Safety to the Children Sparky and the Fireman talking about what you do in case of a fire 
DSCF8716 (Custom) DSCF8711 (Custom) DSCF8749 (Custom)
The person from RECC talking about electricity and how to be safe. Elizabeth Crigler with the Health Department telling about Sun Damage and what you need to do. Talking to the children about safety around tractors and how a roll bar will be helpful
DSCF8777 (Custom)    
Children receiving a bike helmet which was donated by the Soil Conservation Board    

National Ag Week
  • March 17, 2010

George Henderman, president of BCFB, went to Cedar Grove Elementary School during National Ag Week--March 17, 2010. He spoke to the Fourth grade classes, had agricultural books with him, and gave them a sticker which said that they had met a farmer.

DSC04223 (Custom) DSC04224 (Custom) DSC04225 (Custom)
DSC04228 (Custom) DSC04229 (Custom) DSC04235 (Custom)

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