Distracted Driving - Kentucky Farm Bureau

Distracted Driving

DeAdrell Porter - Four Kids
DeAdrell won't be distracted from achieving her goals. Her future children will thank her.


Janet Scott - Buttermilk Pie
We’d sure like that pie recipe, Janet, so be careful out there. 


Joren Fields - Tickets to Prague
Joren has one thing she’d like to “Czech” off her mom’s bucket list.


Kristy Calman - New York
Think Kristy would risk not making her dream trip? Fuggedaboutit.


Patterson Larkins - Front Seat
We see quite a future for Patterson. See if you agree.


Alex Haydon - Niece in play
Alex, let us know when that play opens. We’d love to see it.


Lauren Crawford - National Anthem
What’s one of Lauren’s lifelong goals? She’s pretty vocal about it.


Stan Meers - Graduate
A dad's love for his daughter is amazing, even if it's not always easy.


Silent Stats
Stats you have to see - just not while you're driving.