Television Commercials

KFB Loves KY, and that’s an evident theme throughout all of our advertising campaigns. If you’re searching for a commercial you’ve seen on TV or online, you’ll most likely find it here. Click the drop-down menus to search by campaign:

I Believe

I Believe: Small Business


I Believe: Small Town


I Believe: Sticking Together


I Believe: Fun

Distracted Driving

DeAdrell Porter - Four Kids
DeAdrell won't be distracted from achieving her goals. Her future children will thank her.


Janet Scott - Buttermilk Pie
We’d sure like that pie recipe, Janet, so be careful out there. 


Joren Fields - Tickets to Prague
Joren has one thing she’d like to “Czech” off her mom’s bucket list.


Kristy Calman - New York
Think Kristy would risk not making her dream trip? Fuggedaboutit.


Patterson Larkins - Front Seat
We see quite a future for Patterson. See if you agree.


Alex Haydon - Niece in play
Alex, let us know when that play opens. We’d love to see it.


Lauren Crawford - National Anthem
What’s one of Lauren’s lifelong goals? She’s pretty vocal about it.


Stan Meers - Graduate
A dad's love for his daughter is amazing, even if it's not always easy.


Silent Stats
Stats you have to see - just not while you're driving. 

KFB Loves KY

Cats vs Cards
This is Kentucky.  Brought to you by some good people to have on your team.


My Old Kentucky Home
Who's looking out for your Old Kentucky Home... and Auto?