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Life planning

Your Kentucky Farm Bureau membership gives you access to a wide array of financial services offered through Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company and Farm Bureau Bank. For more information on any of the services listed below, contact your local Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance agent.

Long-term care insurance *

When injury or illness requires long term nursing facility care or home care, the cost can really add up. Depending on the type of policy selected, long term care can provide you with protection against the cost of care at home, in a nursing or assisted living facility, or even in an adult day care or hospice care facility.

This important coverage can protect against:

  • Depletion of your assets
  • Loss of independence
  • The placement of an emotional and financial burden on family
  • Lack of access to quality care. 

Retirement planning **

Planning for tomorrow's needs today is a key to an enjoyable retirement. Through Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company's retirement plans and annuities, your retirement years can be enjoyable ones.

Estate planning **

Your life is spent creating and building an estate to pass to future generations. At your death, estate shrinkage can be a major problem facing your family because of the various expenses involved, such as federal and state death taxes. Proper estate planning now can minimize the costs paid by your estate, creating a more generous distribution to your heirs. Estate Planning Specialists are available to privately review your situation.

*Long-term care insurance is a broker product and is not underwritten by Southern Farm Bureau® Life Insurance Company, Jackson, MS
**Life Insurance and annuity products provided by Southern Farm Bureau®  Life Insurance Company, Jackson, MS

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