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Ways to save

Interested in saving money on your auto insurance premium? We offer discounts that reward good students, safe drivers, and more.

Check out a brief description of some of our discounts below. If you're interested in learning more, chat with your local agent for specific rules and eligibilities.

NEW! DriveRight® Mobile Discount
Sign up for DriveRight® Mobile to get personalized feedback on your driving habits AND save up to 5% your auto insurance premium! Visit kyfb.com/DriveRight to learn more.

Good Student Discount
Are you a full-time student with a B average or higher? Congratulations! Bring in a transcript or one of our Good Student Discount forms signed by a school official, and you may be eligible for a discounted premium. Good Student Discount forms are available at your local agency.

Driver's Training Discount
If you've successfully completed a certified safe driver's course, bring in a signed certificate of completion to your agent and snag a discount. The driver's training discount applies to single drivers under the age of 25 or married male drivers under 21.

Note: Good Student and Driver’s Training discounts are not allowed simultaneously for drivers 21 through 24 years of age. In other words, if you qualify for both the Good Student Discount and the Driver's Training Discount, only one discount may be applied to your premium.

Safe Driver Discount / DriveRight® Discount
We reward drivers that have gone 3, 5, or 8 years without an accident or claim. The longer you've been at-fault accident-free, the higher your discount climbs (up to 25%)!

Defensive Driving Course Discounts

  • Senior Operater Accident Prevention
    We honor drivers aged 55 and older who successfully complete an approved safety course. Provide us with a certificate of completion, and we'll save you some green.
  • Military Defensive Driving Course
    We salute members of the United States Armed Forces who have taken a defensive driving course provided by the U.S. Armed Forces. Drivers must submit a certificate showing completion of an approved defensive driving course. Thank you for your service!

*Note: Defensive Driving Course Discounts do not apply if the course was completed under a court order as a result of a motor vehicle conviction.

Auto Safety Devices Discount
Is your vehicle equipped with anti-lock brakes, anti-theft devices, or passive restraints? You may be eligible for a discount.

Multi-Vehicle Discounts
If you insure more than one vehicle with us, you're eligible for a discount! 

Active Property Discount
Do you carry multiple lines of insurance through us? You can save on your premiums when you carry both an automobile policy and a homeowner, mobile homeowner, or farmowner policy with Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance.

School Bus Driver Discount
Certified school bus drivers who can furnish a yearly proof of recertification may qualify.

Umbrella Discount
If you are insured by Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance, and you carry both an automobile policy and an umbrella policy, you might be eligible for a discount.

Coverage availability is subject to eligibility and other qualifications. Please consult your policy for actual contract coverage and exclusions. 

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