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Employee benefits

Our greatest resources are our people, and that is why we offer an impressive total compensation package.

Explore the drop-down menus to learn about our excellent benefit programs.

College tuition reimbursement

KFB offers tuition reimbursement for courses that benefit our employees and the organization. Employees can receive reimbursement for general studies and required courses for an associate, bachelor or graduate degree program.

Company-paid life and disability insurance

New full-time employees are automatically covered under KFB’s Group Term Life Insurance Plan after 90 days of employment.  The cost of coverage is paid by KFB.

KFB also offers a Long-Term Disability plan, in which full-time employees are automatically covered after one year of employment. The cost of coverage is paid by KFB.

Dental, vision benefits

KFB’s Delta Dental Plan provides preventative services (routine exams and cleanings), and a variety of other dental care services.

Our Davis Vision Plan provides for an annual eye exam with only a low copayment. Frames and lenses, or contacts, are also covered periodically after small copayments.

Paid time off

KFB provides all full-time employees with nine paid holidays each year, plus a birthday and floating holiday. Paid vacation is based on years of employment. New employees are granted three weeks of vacation starting on day one, but employees can earn up to five weeks of vacation. The company also offers paid maternity, paternity, and adoption leave. 

KFB provides paid sick leave for non-exempt employees. These employees earn sick leave at the rate of eight hours each month. A maximum balance of 288 hours of sick leave may be maintained each year, therefore a Wellness Bonus is paid annually for hours over 288. 

401(k) retirement plan

We care about our employees’ financial security by providing a competitive 401(k) Plan. 

Our 401(k) plan offers three ways to save for the future.

  1. Employee pre-tax or Roth contributions: Participants may defer up to 100% of pay, up to the maximum annual IRS allowable contribution.
  2. KFB’s matching contributions after 6 months of employment: Participants receive a match of 50% of the first 6% of pay the employee contributes and are 100% vested immediately.
  3. KFB’s profit sharing contribution: The profit-sharing contribution is based on years of service.  Regardless of employee participation in the plan, KFB will contribute a percentage of your base pay to your 401(k) plan, as shown below.  Profit Sharing contributions are 100% vested after 3 years.  
Years % of pay contributed on your behalf
6 months up to 5 years 5%
5 years up to 10 years 8%
10 years +  10%


Flexible Spending Accounts

Our optional Flexible Spending Accounts allow employees a chance to set aside pre-tax dollars from their paycheck into an account for medical expenses and/or dependent care expenses.

Affordable medical benefits

Covered on the first day of employment, our low-cost, high-quality Anthem PPO medical plan provides comprehensive medical coverage with low copayments and deductibles. The plan also includes coverage for prescription drugs. Employees and their spouses are even eligible for a discount per pay period if they choose to complete a biometric screening and health risk assessment or get a physical exam from a medical provider of their choice.

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