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Turkey donation to Cumberland Hope Center
  • January 18, 2016

2015 Cumberland Hope Center

Harlan County Farm Bureau Federation donated 5 large Turkeys to the Cumberland Hope Center located in Evarts Kentucky. Pictured: Don Miniard, President of Harlan County Farm Bureau; Nathan Boggs, Secretary of Harlan County Farm Bureau; Bobby Thomas, Reva Middleton, Rachel Barnett, Jennifer Witt, Kim Burkhart.

Pine Mountain Settlement School Fair Day
  • January 18, 2016

pine mountainpine mountainpine mountain

Harlan County Farm Bureau sponsored the Pine Mountain Settlement School Fair Day.
We set an advertising booth and gave out advertising, promotional materials.
We sponsored the Vegetable and Craft Grand Prize Winners in all twelve categories with the winners receiving a $25. Check. Don Miniard, President of Harlan County Farm Bureau, and Harlan’s Two Young Farmers, Cameron Sizemore and Dustin Miniard, were present to talk with our members.

Tri Cities Empty Stocking Fund
  • January 18, 2016

tri cities

Harlan County Farm Bureau donated $1000.00 to the Tri Cities Empty Stocking Fund in Cumberland Kentucky. They purchase food and toys to give away at Christmas time to Harlan County families. 

  • January 18, 2016

reality storereality storereality store

Harlan County Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers, Dustin Miniard and Nathan Boggs, helped work the 4H Reality Store at The Depot in Harlan. Harlan County’s and Harlan City’s Freshmen classes attended the event. The purpose of the Reality Store was to provide the students with a reality check. Students received education and a hands on approach to career choices and financial management 

Outstanding Youth and Variety Contest
  • December 30, 2015

Kentucky Farm Bureau’s District 11 Outstanding Youth and Variety Contest was October 26, 2015. Contestants from eleven Southeastern Kentucky counties competed against each other, in different genres of entertainment, to be the District Winner. Harlan County’s Camron Whitehead, Lindsey Fields, Charles Drake Hensley, Albert Milwee and Kassee Robinson won the Variety Contest. They performed a scene from the book “The Great Gatsby”. They did excellent. Next, they will be representing Harlan County at the Kentucky Farm Bureau’s State Variety Showcase on December 4 at that Galt House in Louisville. This is a big deal! Harlan County Farm Bureau is proud of our Winners. 

2015 Outstanding Youth

2015 Harlan County Forestry Days
  • December 30, 2015

Forests (woodlands) are a dominated part of the Kentucky landscape. These woodlands are mostly privately owned by more than 423,000 woodland owners. However, most woodland owners do not manage their forests, and surveys indicated that they have a low level of knowledge about forests and forestry activity.
Harlan County Farm Bureau has implemented a plan to reach all 5th graders in the county through a forestry field day. WE hope through this avenue we can assist woodland owners to become education and more active in forestry issues at all levels. Kentucky’s forest, whether rural or urban, contribute significantly to the local and state economies providing forest products, job opportunities, habitat for wildlife, a wealth of recreational opportunities, clean water and a host of other benefits.
In 2009, Kentucky’s forest and wood industry added $9.9 billion to the economy. Kentucky’s forest and wood industry employs over 51,000 Kentuckians, over 24,000 of whoe are directly employed, representing 2.7% of all employment. Kentucky is the leading producer of hardwood timber in the south and one of the three in the United States. 75% of Kentucky forestlands were family owned in 2012. There are 12.5 million acres of forestlands in Kentucky representing 49% of the land cover in the state including pastured woodland.
In taking seps to ensure that the youth in Harlan County understand the value of properly managed forestlands, Harlan County Farm Bureau partnered with NRCS, Kentucky Division of Forestry, Pine Mountain Settlement School, Corum Tree Farm, and the Kentucky Woodland Owners Association to offer every 5th grader in Harlan County the opportunity to step into the wood by way of the Harlan County Farm Bureau Forestry Days.
During this field trip, ever student experienced hands on educational activities including but not limited to: tree identification, discussion of opportunities in the forest industry, the heritage of our forest, protecting the echo system and how to determine tree values in the estimation of board feet. The students were broken up into small groups so they could be managed easily. They spent the first half of the day at Pine Mountain Settlement School and the other half at the local Tree Farm. Pine Mountain Settlement School Outdoor Education staff took the students on a tour of the campus woodlands and ended up with session in the classroom. The other students were taken in to the Corum Tree Farm and were taught forestry management, tree identification, and how to determine tree value in the estimation of board feet. The farm tour instructors included four professional Foresters from the Division of Forestry and give Harlan County Farm Bureau Board of Directors and three of their Young Farmers.
Many hours of planning went into developing this program., and many resources were spent over the four days. We feel like it was worth the effort taken by all involved in bringing it to fruition. We hope the students will grow up to become strong advocates for forestry programs that help maintain productive sustainable forest resources. Forestry programs help to insure that woodland owners receive fair treatment in the market place and with state and federal governments. With forestry programs in place, we can be more effective in dealing with important issues such as property taxes, forest health, government cost-share programs, market news services, insurance and reinvestment of tax dollars in renewable resources.

Forestry Days 1 Forestry Days 1Forestry Days 1

KWOA Award presented to HCFB Board
  • August 24, 2015

The Kentucky Woodland Owners Association (KWOA) presented an outstanding service award plaque to Harlan County Farm Bureau Board of Directors. On August 15 at the Harlan County Farm Bureau Annual Picnic held at the Frank Couch building, Frank Hicks, President of the KWOA, presented this award to Don Miniard, president of Harlan County Farm Bureau. This award recognized the Board of Directors hard work in promoting good forest management in Harlan and surrounding counties. Hicks said, “This is not an annual award that we would give away. Our association is aware of the work that the HCFB board has been doing. They have helped the local woodland owner have a better understanding about forestry development and management.” The KWOA’s mission is to promote economically and environmentally sound forest management and advance the forestry skills of Kentucky woodland owners.

KWOA Award

KWOA Award  2


2015 Poke Sallet Festival
  • June 24, 2015

KFB board members and insurance staff participate in Poke Sallet festival. 

2015 Poke Sallet 1 2015 Poke Sallet 1

2015 Poke Sallet 3 2015 Poke Sallet 4


2015 Soil Stewardship and Awards Banquet
  • May 05, 2015

The annual Harlan County Conservation District’s Soil Stewardship and Awards Banquet was held April 28, 2015 at the Ackley Lodge Dining Hall at Camp Blanton in Harlan County Kentucky. Awards were presented to the winners of the 2015 Harlan County Conservation District’s Jim Claypool writing and art contest. Don Miniard, President of Harlan County Farm Bureau, helped give the checks and awards to the winners and runners up.

2015 Conservation Award 1

2015 Conservation Award 2

2015 Conservation Award 3

2015 Annual Tree Giveaway
  • April 30, 2015

 Harlan County Farm Bureau’s Annual Tree Giveaway was April 23.  As a service to our members, we gave away 1,000 trees including: Kentucky coffee tree, American chestnut hybrid, northern red oak, shortleaf pine, white oak, black walnut, hazelnut, pecan, persimmon and mulberry.  The trees were distributed outside the Harlan County Farm Bureau Frank Couch Building.  Hundreds of members took advantage of this benefit.  It was a total success.

Pictured are Melissa and Mike Weigant, of Cumberland, receiving trees from HCFB secretary Nathan Boggs, Roger Fannin, HCFB agency manager, Bo Hedrick, HCFB claim adjuster and Charlie Smith, Bissell's employee.

Picture was taken by Nola Sizemore at the Harlan Daily Enterprise.

2015 Tree Giveaway

Harlan County honored in Kentucky Farm Bureau’s County Activities of Excellence Program
  • March 03, 2015

Harlan County Farm Bureau was honored as one of the five winners in the 2014 Kentucky Farm Bureau (KFB) County Activities of Excellence program. All five recipients of the award were recognized during the December 4, 2014 general session of KFB’s annual meeting in Louisville.  They all received a booth to display their activities during the KFB Annual Meeting Tradeshow.

The County Activities of Excellence competition was developed to identify and honor the outstanding, innovative programs or activities conducted at the county level that meet the overall goals of the organization. The program also encourages KFB members to share their ideas with others who may benefit or be able to replicate a successful program in their own county.

Harlan County Farm Bureau was recognized for its efforts to educate junior high students about the importance of tree farming and the local forestry industry, the county’s main commodity. Volunteer leaders from Farm Bureau shared a presentation about local woodlands, timber stand management, tree identification, the value of a healthy forest, timber industry statistics and the role honeybees play throughout it all. More than 300 seventh and eighth grade students attended the presentations.

County Activities of Excellence Competition

Pictured from left to right: Ed McQueen, KFB Director of Market Information, Nathan Boggs of Harlan County Farm Bureau, and David S. Beck, KFB Executive Vice President.

Pictured from left to right: Ed McQueen

Harlan County Tree Farm Display

Harlan County Farm Bureau was honored for educating junior high students about the importance of tree farming.

Supporting the Tri-County Empty Stocking Fund
  • January 28, 2015

On December 3, 2014, the Harlan County Farm Bureau Board of Directors donated a check in the amount of $1000. to the Tri-City Empty Stocking Fund. Ineda Howard, board member, presented the check to Jim “Muggins” Bennett at the Annual Auction held on the Cumberland campus of Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College. The Empty Stocking Fund provides large quantities of food for families in the Tri-City areas of Cumberland, Benham and Lynch Kentucky.


2015 Empty Stocking Fund

2014 Safety Challenge Award
  • January 28, 2015

Nathan Boggs, center, received a plaque commemorating Harlan County Farm Bureau’s 2014 Safety Challenge award from Dan Smaldone, KFB Director of public relations, and David S. Beck, KFB Executive Vice President.

Nathan Boggs

Harlan County Farm Bureau's Thanksgiving Donation
  • November 26, 2014

Harlan County Farm Bureau donated Five Fresh twenty six pound Butterball Turkeys to the Cumberland Hope Community Center for Thanksgiving. Also a check for $300 was donated to the Center to improve and decorate one bedroom interior. The Cumberland Hope Community Center is a residential addiction recovery center for adult women seeking recovery from their addictions. It is located in Harlan County in the city of Evarts. The center is a nonprofit organization, and has the capacity for one hundred women.

Pictured: Don Miniard - President of Harlan County Farm Bureau; Nathan Boggs - Secretary of Harlan County Farm Bureau; Bobby Thomas, Alex Pennington, Elma Taylor – Staff at Cumberland Hope Community Center.
Thanksgiving Turkeys 2014 Thanksgiving Turkeys 2014


Safety Days
  • May 29, 2014

Harlan County Farm Bureau cooperated with 4-H & UK Cooperative Extension to put on Safety Days in Harlan County.   Together we wanted to emphasize the importance of safety in all outdoor activities.  We can protect lives and livelihoods of our rural families through increased cooperation, communication, awareness and educational initiative focused around safety.   Safety should be first priority in all outdoor activities and especially with ATVs.  ATVs are used a lot in our area for recreation and farming purposes, and most accidents are attributed to children operating units designed for adults.  Over 550 students and 50 adults participated in Safety Days.  The following safety needs were also addressed: Swimming, Hunting, Bicycle, ATV, Boating, Fishing, Gun & Hunting, Chainsaw, Weather and Driving.  Students learned that safety needs to their first thought in all outdoor activities.   It’s easy and simple to make safety a habit.

Kentucky Farm Bureau presented Harlan County Farm Bureau with an Award in Excellence for Outstanding Work in Safety and Health.   

 Safety Days 2014 (Custom)  IMG_0048 (Custom)



Stewardship Banquet
  • April 29, 2014

The Harlan County Conservation District’s (HCCD) annual soil stewardship and awards banquet was April 29. HCCD Chairman David Howard said in 1955 the National Association of Conservation Districts began a national program to encourage Americans to focus on stewardship.

Stewardship Week is officially celebrated from the last Sunday in April to the first Sunday in May.

David presented three J. Clark Metcalfe Memorial scholarships in the amount of $500 each to local students. Howard said that all three of these Harlan Students have demonstrated a positive influence in our community during their high school years and show great promise in the future.

Certificates and Checks were also awarded to area students for their participation in the Jim Claypool Poster and Essay Contests sponsored by the Kentucky Farm Bureau.

Approximately 130 attended the event held at Camp Blanton in Harlan County.

IMG_0468 (Custom) Picture5 (Custom)
Picture4 (Custom) Picture2 (Custom)

Tree Giveaway Day
  • April 08, 2014

On April 8, Harlan County Farm Bureau gave away a variety of fruit, nut and conifer trees as a service to our members. We gave Mulberry, Persimmon, Pecan, Chinese Chestnut, Loblolly Pine and Post Oaks - a total of 1450 trees. Once a year, we provide this service as an extra membership benefit. Our members seem to truly take advantage of the trees and seem to really enjoy this day.

 Tree Giveaway Day 2014 2 (Custom)  Tree Giveaway Day 214 3 (Custom)

Food Check-Out
  • February 20, 2014

Harlan County Judge-Executive Joseph Grieshop signed a proclamation February 20 designating the week as “Food Check-Out Week.” Harlan County Farm Bureau’s Secretary, Nathan Boggs, was present for the signing. He said we set aside this week to inform our community about how safe, bountiful and affordable food is in America because of our hard working farmers.

Food Checkout Week 2014 (Custom)

Joanne Miniard's retirement
  • February 19, 2014

Joanne Miniard, Harlan County Farm Bureau’s Secretary, retired after 25 years of service.

During her tenure at the Harlan Agency, she served in many positions and helped promote the importance of Agriculture. She performed Ag in the Classroom and worked on garden projects with Cumberland Elementary School. Joanne was honored February 19 for her service. Don Miniard, her husband and President of Harlan County Farm Bureau, presented her a plaque recognizing her 25 years of service. Also Eddie Milton, First Vice President of Kentucky Farm Bureau, presented her with a second plague recognizing her work with media relations and member information.

DSC00074 (Custom)

Joanne Miniard & Eddie Milton (Custom)



Flag Dedication
  • February 19, 2014

Harlan County Farm Bureau installed a new flag pole. February 19 during the flag dedication ceremony, the Harlan County Honor Guard raised the first flag. After the 21 gun salute, Harlan County Farm Bureau President Don Miniard said, “All game some and some gave all, and we raise this flag in honor of all veterans.” The flag was dedicated to Wayne Howard and Lowell Jackson two recently deceased board members who were veterans of war.

DSC00044 (Custom) DSC00050 (Custom) DSC00057 (Custom)
DSC00063 (Custom) DSC00069 (Custom) DSC00070 (Custom)

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