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About Us

President   Chester Bowman
1st Vice President   Jonathan Shepherd
Secretary / Treasurer   Mona Redding
Farm Bureau Women's Chair   Sharon Spencer
Farm Bureau Women's Co-Chair   Mona Redding
Young Farmer Co-Chair   Jenna Burke
Young Farmer Co-Chair   Haley Varney
Todd Akers   Stamping Ground
John Bondurant   Frankfort
Chester Bowman   Frankfort
Jenna Burke   Frankfort
Robert Eldridge   Frankfort
Webster Fannin   Frankfort
Michael Green   Lawrenceburg
James Hughes   Frankfort
George Emerson Jones   Frankfort
J.W. Luttrell   Frankfort
Ben Mefford   Frankfort
Herbert Mefford   Frankfort
Jon Mitchell   Frankfort
Jonathan Moore   Frankfort
Phillip Morgan   Frankfort
James P. Morse   Bagdad
James Mucci   Midway
Thomas Mucci   Midway
Roger Perkins   Frankfort
Wilbert Perkins   Frankfort
Bruce Quarles   Frankfort
Steven Quarles   Frankfort
Travis Quarles   Frankfort
Kerry Redding   Frankfort
Mona Redding   Frankfort
Tera Roberts   Frankfort
Jonathan Shepherd   Frankfort
Kip Sparrow   Frankfort
Roger Sparrow   Stamping Ground
Mike Spencer   Frankfort
Sharon Spencer   Frankfort
Bowman Stone   Frankfort
Coy Trapp   Frankfort
Haley Varney   Frankfort
Noel Wise   Frankfort


KFB Spotlight

Down the Backroads | Perhaps There's Hope After All
August 10, 2022
Down the Backroads | Perhaps There's Hope After All

I have tried to be an optimistic person most of my life even when challenging times are present and the world seems to be disconnected.

Investment in Infrastructure and Jobs Act
August 9, 2022
Investment in Infrastructure and Jobs Act

“This bill was more expansive and had a significant investment over traditional surface transportation bills,” he said. “One of the main pieces important for us was $110 billion for roads and bridges. And obviously, that is the key link for most rural communities, farms, and ranches."

The Faces of H-2A
August 9, 2022
The Faces of H-2A

“Between our tomato business and our burley tobacco operation, we will have about 30 H-2A workers throughout the course of a year,” he said. “To be honest, we would be out of business if not for these guys and this program.”