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About Us


President   Sharon Spencer
 1st Vice President   Coy Trapp
  Secretary/Treasurer   James C. Costigan
 Farm Bureau Women's Co-Chair  

Sharon Spencer

Farm Bureau Women's Co-Chair   Mona Redding
 Young Farmer Chair   RW Eldridge


Alvin Bogie   Frankfort Richard Mucci    Midway
      Orville Newell    Frankfort
 John Bondurant   Frankfort Roger Perkins   Frankfort 
 Lowell Clark   Frankfort Wilbert Perkins   Frankfort 
 Doyle Devers   Frankfort Marvin Polsgrove   Frankfort 
Patricia Fanin   Frankfort Bruce  Quarles    Frankfort 
Michael Green   Frankfort Steven Quarles    Frankfort 
John Hanly   Frankfort Thomas Church Quarles    Frankfort 
Hobert Hearn   Frankfort Travis Quarles   Frankfort 
Tommy Hughes   Frankfort Kerry Redding    Frankfort 
Charles Jones   Frankfort  J W Roberts   Frankfort 
Emerson Jones   Frankfort Clyde Smith   Frankfort
JW Luttrell   Frankfort Roger Sparrow   Frankfort
Ed McClure   Frankfort Michael Spencer   Frankfort 
Hebert Mefford   Frankfort Patricia Stone   Frankfort 
Carl Mitchell   Frankfort Sam Tracey   Frankfort 
James Mitchell   Frankfort Noel Wise   Frankfort
James Morse   Bagdad      
James Mucci    Midway      


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