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Twas the night before Annual Meeting...

Posted on Dec 4, 2013

Twas the night before Annual Meeting and all thru the house......not a creature was stirring not even a mouse (oh better not be a mouse....I don't do varmints). The girls were all snug, asleep in their beds, with visions of candy, movies and the grandparents house danced in their heads. While I in my stress mode run from room to room, because of my OCDness I clean and pack as I Zoom. The farm has been fed the all animals are set, in case the weather apocalypse comes as they bet. The day has been long, trying to get all our work put away, because Louisville is calling where we will stay.

This is one of our most favorite weeks of the year.  Normally the crops are in, our workers sent away.......and December brings a time where we can play.  It isn't December without Annual Meeting for us two.  Like going to church starts our week, Farm Bureau Annual Meeting starts our winter.   The hardest part over the years has been getting the farm locked down and people to take care and see to our animals.  Also, there are two little girls to get packed and their schedules set between two sets of grandparents.  It is like a full time job prepping and packing, but it is all worth the friendships we hold true and the knowledge learned from our time away.  Farm Bureau has given us the background to where we center our operation, and Annual Meeting is a great time to revamp and take something new home to work on.

The Young Farmer program has been the backbone to our truest friendships that we hold so dear around the state.


Shea and Scott Lowe pictured below with their two daughters.
Shea and Scott Lowe pictured above with their two daughters.
I am a first generation Young Farmer from Calloway County. I am a full time mother of two and my husband and I own Lowe Farms. "When my hands are in the dirt, my heart is at work." I also write on my blog where I give a glimpse of everyday work on the farm.

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