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The Value in KFB Membership

Posted on Jun 8, 2018

When Farm Bureau was first established, it was done so to benefit farm families and rural communities, serving as a collective voice for the ag industry. Throughout the years, that mission has not changed. As the organization has grown to also include associate members, providing ongoing benefits to members has been a very important part of the organization.

Through the years, developing and promoting member benefits has been a key component in helping the organization grow. Kentucky now ranks as the fourth largest Farm Bureau in the country, and at the end of the day, having such strong numbers helps the organization in its advocacy efforts which in turn, positively affects our members in both rural and urban areas.

“Membership is what drives this grassroots organization in all 120 counties across this state,” said KFB President Mark Haney. “We pride ourselves on the member benefits we offer and we go to great lengths to make sure they offer real value. Being of value to our membership fortifies our mission in being the voice of agriculture.”

Haney added that while there are specific benefits offered at the state level, many counties offer other, more local member benefits, as well.

Muhlenberg County is a good example of that, as many local businesses there offer discounts to Farm Bureau members.

“We have such a good relationship with the business community in Muhlenberg County and it shows by the number of those businesses that offer discounts to our members,” said Mary Kate Kordes, the county Women’s Committee chair and KFB State Director. “We often say it pays to be a Farm Bureau member, and that really is true. And we are fortunate to live in a community and a state that sees the value in being a part of this organization.”

Muhlenberg County Farm Bureau recently celebrated with member benefit appreciation events held at many local businesses. Those members attending had the chance to use respective discounts and those who were not Farm Bureau members had the opportunity to sign up.

Depot Gifts and Corner Fashions in Central City was one of those businesses that participated. Misty Deason, the store manager and buyer, said having grown up in a family that owned a small rural business, she knows what it takes to make it work.

“It takes relationships and communication and we want people to have the feeling of being home when they come to these small stores and businesses,” she said. “Having this good relationship with the local Farm Bureau is one way to help members get a better value here in our store and other businesses in the county, and it helps us from a customer prospective.”

Susan Gipson the store’s sales clerk and buyer said sharing with the community is what their business is all about.

“We are proud members of Farm Bureau and Kentucky Proud members, and in sharing with those in our community, our customers get 15 percent off their purchases just by being Farm Bureau members,” she said. “It pays to use the membership and we, as members ourselves, have done so at other businesses in our county. As merchants, we are proud to be in this community and proud that Farm Bureau is here, as well.”

Dwight Greenwell, KFB Director of Member Benefits said one of the great things about Farm Bureau is the effort county organizations put into taking care of their members.

“While Farm Bureau offers many wonderful benefits at the state level, these local organizations really work hard to put together member benefit packages that connect to their hometown businesses,” he said. “As a grassroots organization, seeing these local efforts really emphasizes how effective our organization is in serving our members.”

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