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Savannah Robin: KFB Farm Woman of the Year

Posted on Jul 9, 2024
Savannah Robin,
KFB Farm Woman of the Year

I am so fortunate to be involved in so many different aspects of the agriculture industry. From being a farm owner and businessperson, to working with students at the University of Kentucky’s Martin-Gatton College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, as a lecturer, to being name the Kentucky Farm Bureau Farm Women of the year, my plate often seems full.

Add to that plate my most important jobs as a wife and mother, then that plate often runs over. But I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I have seen these worlds come together to create something impactful and that makes the long days and nights worth it all.

On our farm, we predominantly raise beef cattle and have a direct-to-consumer beef operation. We also raise sheep for meat and fiber production. And then this past year our girls dragged us into the goat industry because they love raising and showing their own goats through 4-H. Our girls also have their own side businesses and are budding entrepreneurs with their pimento cheese and Benedictine spreads that they sell at local restaurants and our farmer’s market.

This year, like many others, has been a one of adjusting and focusing on the opportunities right in front of us. We have a relatively smaller farm and like other farmers rely heavily on beneficial weather, consumer preferences, market prices, and so many other things. I have learned, through my years on the farm, there are a lot of factors I can’t control. But for those I can, we try to take advantage of these opportunities.

For instance, we're undergoing some projects with state cost-share right now to ensure we are even better stewards of the natural resources entrusted to us. Like many of you, we are consistently looking at ways to make our farm better and more sustainable.

So often we look to the future on the farm with big expectations of growing and expanding. But I have also learned just how much opportunity is available despite the messages that say you must be really big to make it within this industry.

I truly believe that it’s one small step at a time towards a greater goal and not an overnight thing. In doing so, we won’t miss out on all the opportunities that may come to us as our agriculture industry continues to shift and change.

Being named Farm Woman of the Year was such an honor, and I didn’t realize the impact we were able to have, showing the ag community it is doable. I know what I do is important, and I know the work that I do is important, and I know it's God's work, but I didn't think that other people would be as inspired by it. And so that was something really special to experience throughout the last few months.

I know a lot of people who want to be a part of this industry but lack the access and opportunity to do it. I am passionate about advocating to provide those people who have a passion, a want, and a drive to be able to produce the food we eat. And I truly believe that is how we will sustain our dependence on American agriculture.

I appreciate Farm Bureau and the community that is Farm Bureau for acknowledging the work that our farmers do every day and being an advocate for our farms and farm families.


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