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President's Column | Staying Engaged with Elected Leaders

Posted on Mar 15, 2022
KFB President Mark Haney

During Kentucky Farm Bureau’s recent Congressional Tour, our attending members had a chance to hear from and visit with our state’s delegation all in an effort to discuss issues that are affecting farm families and rural communities, and to actively participate in the advocacy process.

That process is something we talk about often as an organization. I'm continually telling our county members and leaders how critical it is that we continue to be a strong voice for agriculture and rural Kentucky.

I truly believe there has never been a more important time to make sure our government leaders understand the needs of the farmer than what we are experiencing right now.

The agriculture industry can never be taken for granted, ignored, or overlooked simply because so many people are so far removed from the farm and don’t have a basic understanding of what it takes to produce the necessary food, fuel, and fiber we all depend on.

To be completely honest, the systematic way in which we produce our nation’s food supply has made it easy for consumers to forget about the farm. They think no further than their local grocery stores, assuming there will always be plenty of food, not really appreciating how it was produced or where it came from.

Adding to that is the fact that many of our country's lawmakers are in the same group, especially if they have little or no farmland in their respective districts.

The dependency we have on the American farmer is largely unnoticed and we simply must keep the general public and our Congressional leaders informed of what we do, how we do it, and that it is a matter of national security to have an affordable, abundant, and safe food supply.

The modern technology that is now such a part of the farm, has enabled our farm families to produce more on less land, and do so in a very productive way. But if the number of farmers in this country continues to decline, it will become increasingly hard to produce the amount of food necessary to feed our world.

And there are so many people in this world depending on the success of our farmers. It’s not just a job for us, it’s a calling. It’s something many families have been a part of for centuries. For others, they are just starting the farming tradition for the first time.

In either case, Farm Bureau will continue to be a loud and proud voice to ensure the American farmer is never forgotten, ignored, or overlooked for the sake of us all.

While we always enjoy bringing members to our nation's capital, as an organization we never forget why we are here. We want our Congressional leaders to hear our voices, to understand our needs, and to encourage them to make agriculture a top priority.

We must make sure the family farm continues to be sustainable for future generations. That means having a seat at the table when farm issues are being discussed.

Make no mistake about it, when Farm Bureau members come to Washington, we want our government leaders to take notice.  

Mark Haney, President
Kentucky Farm Bureau


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