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President's Column | Enhancing Life in the Commonwealth

Posted on Jun 28, 2022
Kentucky Farm Bureau President Mark Haney

In all the years I have been associated with Kentucky Farm Bureau, I must admit the last few have been perhaps the most challenging. We were not only hit with a global pandemic, but also one of the most devastating storm events in our state’s history.

The issues caused by these once-in-a-lifetime events left many of us in disarray as we tried to navigate them from both personal and professional perspectives. 

But giving up when challenges occur is not part of this organization’s DNA. We knew that moving forward through such events was the course to take, and we were prepared to meet the needs of our members when they needed us the most.

In looking back at the history of KFB, which began during this country’s last pandemic, the early going for this organization was tough, to say the least, but our founders had the foresight to look ahead to the future.

KFB began in 1919 as the voice of Kentucky agriculture to help develop policy for the ag industry and rural communities. In the years ahead, it would become the fourth largest Farm Bureau in the country. And since the introduction of our insurance company in 1943, this flagship member benefit has become the largest insurance company domiciled in this state.

With a presence in all 120 counties, we have something no other company does: a commitment to each community—not just as an agricultural organization or an insurance company—but as a trusted friend and neighbor.

Your hometowns are also our hometowns. The issues you face are our concerns, too. And the successes and triumphs you celebrate, we want to celebrate with you, as well.  

 The milestones we have achieved as an organization were not reached by pure luck. They occurred because of the strong leadership we have had throughout the last century and because of the great membership base we have had throughout the history of this company.  

The trust you, our dedicated volunteers and members, have put into us over the years has proven to be the primary source of our success. Our grassroots way of operation is unique and has helped guide us through more than a century of good times, as well as challenges.

Since celebrating our centennial three years ago, KFB leadership, at all levels, has worked to set the course for success over the next 100 years.

We look forward to the future, as did those who founded this organization, and we are preparing for it through the diligence of our workforce, of our leadership, and by way of the 460,000 friends, family, and neighbors who are KFB members.

Please know that not a day goes by when we don't think of you first when we make decisions or institute new programs. Our goal is to make this the best organization it can be which will ultimately not only benefit our members, but we hope enhances life in the Commonwealth.  

Mark Haney, President
Kentucky Farm Bureau


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