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People. Purpose. Progress.

Posted on Dec 5, 2014
By: Mary Courtney

"People. Purpose. Progress." What a simple, yet complex theme for the 95th Annual Meeting. These three words are the reason everyone left their farms and is here-- going great lengths to be a part of strengthening agriculture. These few days will fuel us as people, as farmers, caretakers, conservationists, and/or economists. Whether it is running into a friend from college, a former co-worker or someone who farms on the other side of the county, it's refreshing to see lots of familiar faces....knowing we are all here for one purpose. As Farm Bureau is known as the "voice" of agriculture....there wouldn't be a "voice" without the People. We come here from our farms, as part of our local ag community's "voice". We gather as a state to make that "voice" louder and stronger. This is the "voice" that lobbies for us when we are on a tractor or trying to devise a 5 year strategic plan for our farm; this "voice" takes the ideas from our monthly local meeting and brings them to fruition. We learned yesterday from Mr. Bob Stallman, President of the American Farm Bureau, just how powerful all the "voices" from all states are when they come together. It takes People with a Purpose, who want Progress to make things happen. President Stallman validated that that is happening across the country and Kentucky is a leader in such. You may wonder what is this driving Purpose....I could recite the mission of Kentucky Farm Bureau... but basically it is that we aim to strengthen agriculture. We all have personal reasons of why we are engaged in agriculture. We all realize that we need this "voice" of people, purpose, and progress---- from local, to state, to national----to help accomplish our purposes and as a result strengthen agriculture for all consumers. In other words, if you are sitting in America reading this, the 95th Annual Kentucky Farm Bureau Meeting goes on with you as part of its Purpose!

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