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Memories to Last a Lifetime

Posted on Dec 5, 2014

By: Rhonda Cornett

There is never a dull moment serving on this committee. During our time on the committee we have had different folks serve as our director. From Jay McCants as our first director getting us acquainted with the committee, to Tony Holloway filling in the gap until Stacy Lowe took over, and now with Scott Christmas leading the group; it has been a great time working with such great leaders.

Some of my favorite memories involve these folks. While driving through Michigan doing a little sight- seeing, we found out that Tony is the funniest chauffer you will ever have and when on a mission to find a light house he will stop at nothing! We also found out that while driving dune buggies in the desert that Stacy Lowe can guide you anywhere you need to go. We also now know that Matt Ingram and Brandon Davis aren’t afraid to get muddy, wet, and downright dirty to see who can outdo each other driving!

The other great memories that I have of this committee is the fact that my children enjoy these meetings just as much as we do. They were some of the youngest children in the group when we started but now are the “old” ones. When going to a young farmer meeting is mentioned they are overjoyed to go see their “farmer friends”, a phrase dubbed by Addison McGlone. I feel great that they too are building a network of agricultural friends so early in life that they will see throughout their 4-H, FFA, and farm bureau experiences. The memories they will make with these young people will no doubt be ones that they remember forever!


Rhonda is from Laurel County where she lives with her husband Brent and 2 children, Jarrod and Miranda. She works for Altria Client Services as a Grower Representative.


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