Mark Haney Gives Final Address as President of Kentucky Farm Bureau at 104th Annual Meeting - Kentucky Farm Bureau

Mark Haney Gives Final Address as President of Kentucky Farm Bureau at 104th Annual Meeting

Posted on Dec 1, 2023

Kentucky Farm Bureau (KFB) President Mark Haney gave his address this morning at the organization’s 104th Annual Meeting at the Galt House in Louisville. The Pulaski County farmer, who will retire from his position as KFB President at the end of this year, delivered a review of the year and shared his remarks about the past and future of the organization.
“It’s an honor to be here again with you today,” Mr. Haney noted as he began his remarks. “I’m not just going home. I am just going to be around the corner,” noting his continued involvement in KFB despite his retirement as the organization’s president after 15 years in the position. He also shared his hope that “I have made an impact, that I have made a difference. I couldn’t have done any of this without each and every one of you.”
Mr. Haney discussed hardships in the state in recent years, including weather difficulties. Taking a positive approach to adversity, he noted “We don’t run from disaster, we run to it. We try to make a difference and try to help.”
He also addressed policy priorities for the organization and KFB’s work with legislators in Frankfort, noting that “we are so honored to have legislators that understand and support agriculture in Kentucky. They know what we’re talking about, and it makes it so much better.”
Discussing KFB’s work with elected officials in Washington, D.C. as well, he again noted that there have been challenges, including inflation, the need for a Farm Bill and addressing issues related to farm labor. “We’re going to continue to find things we can agree on and reach those milestones,” he added, sharing the impact of the grassroots-driven organization.
“One KFB,” the theme of the 2023 KFB Annual Meeting provided a platform for Mr. Haney to discuss the unified front as well as the strength of the organization. Discussing the achievements of the organization, he specifically noted five programs to highlight. 
First, he talked about the success of the County Insurance Incentive Program, which can provide financial support for county Farm Bureaus. He noted how it’s helped increase participation within the organization and that is has been a real game changer for a lot of folks.
Haney then talked about the county loan program to help local Farm Bureaus put their best foot forward with a new or remodeled office.
Next, he discussed the Certified Farm Market Program and how proud he is to watch the program grow – and to watch the individual markets across the state grow too. 
Haney also talked about the Generation Bridge program, which helps connect young farmers to KFB and get them engaged in advocacy efforts, providing an additional opportunity for them to serve and succeed.
Wrapping up this portion of this remarks, Mr. Haney also remarked on The Legacy Farm program, which is new this year. The program honors farms that have been involved and active in their communities and in Farm Bureau.
Reflecting again on the theme “One KFB” he added “I feel One KFB. We are all together. And we’re going to stay together.” 
Haney concluded his speech with numerous remarks of gratitude to his family, friends, neighbors, the KFB team.
Noting his efforts to lead the organization to the best of his abilities, Haney told the crowd he led with “a clear mind, a level head, and a steady hand. I have tried to do that my entire career. I have tried to make decisions that I thought would be best for the organization.”
A record 2,200 members registered to attend Kentucky Farm Bureau’s 104th Annual Meeting.



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