KY and U.S. Crop Progress - September 10, 2012

Posted on Sep 10, 2012




  Mature: 58% vs 25% last year and 27% for 5-year average.  (KY = 86%)

  Harvested:  15% vs 5% last year and 5% for 5-yr avg.  (KY= 47%)

  Conditions are unchanged from a week ago.


  Dropping leaves: 36% vs 12% last year and 20% for 5-yr avg.  (KY = 36%)

  Harvested: 4% vs 1% last week and 2% for 5-yr avg.  (KY= 4%)

  Conditions: very slight improvement.

 KENTUCKY CROP CONDITIONS Issued 4:00 P.M., September 10, 2012

 AGRICULTURAL NEWS: Significant and beneficial rains were received across the state last week. Kentucky experienced 4.4 days suitable for fieldwork out of a possible seven this past week. Rain for the week totaled 2.12 inches, 1.33 inches above normal. Temperatures for the period averaged 74 degrees across the state which is 2 degrees warmer than normal, but 4 degrees cooler than last week.

Topsoil moisture was rated 9 percent very short, 31 percent short, 56 percent adequate and 4 percent surplus.

Subsoil moisture was rated 24 percent very short, 38 percent short, 36 percent adequate and 2 percent surplus.

 CROPS: As of Sunday September 9, condition of the corn crop was rated as 48 percent very poor, 32 percent poor, 13 percent fair, 5 percent good and 2 percent excellent. Ninety-six percent of the corn reached the dent stage, compared with 78 percent last year and 89 percent for the five-year average. Eighty-six percent of the corn has reached the mature stage, compared with 52 percent last year and the five-year average of 64 percent. Forty-seven percent of the corn has been harvested, compared with last year’s 16 percent and the five-year average of 21 percent.

 Soybeans shedding leaves reached 36 percent, compared with 19 percent last year and 21 percent for the five-year average. Soybeans rated as mature were reported at 13 percent, ahead of the 5-year average of 5 percent. Four percent of soybeans have been harvested. Condition of the soybean crop was reported as 15 percent very poor, 23 percent poor, 29 percent fair, 25 percent good and 8 percent excellent.

 TOBACCO: Set tobacco condition was rated at 5 percent very poor, 10 percent poor, 27 percent fair, 43 percent good, and 15 percent excellent. 50 percent of the burley tobacco has been cut, compared to 55 percent last year, and 61 percent for the five-year average. Half of the dark tobacco has been cut, compared to 59 percent last year and 60 percent for the five-year average. Housed tobacco condition was rated at 3 percent very poor, 7 percent poor, 30 percent fair, 51 percent good, and 9 percent excellent. Tobacco curing conditions were improved by the cooler temperatures and increased moisture.

 OTHER CROPS AND PASTURE: Pasture conditions improved with recent rains and were rated as 15 percent very poor, 28 percent poor, 35 percent fair, 20 percent good, and 2 percent excellent. Last week’s rains should have been a boon to not only pastures, but also ponds and streams.

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