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KFBN 2012

Posted on Mar 30, 2016
February 2012

National Farm Policy should be rewritten this year to establish a program that protects farmers from catastrophic revenue losses by using a flexible combination of fiscally responsibile tools, said voting delegates at AFBF's 93rd Annual Meeting. KFB had 26 delegates.

In approving policy for 2012, the farmers and ranchers endorsed a multi-pronged proposal, including a provision for catastophic revenue loss protection that works with a flexible range of crop insurance products, as well as amending the current farm bill's marketing loan provisions to better reflect market values.

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Comment Column: Bob Stallman, President, American Farm Bureau Federation

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Stallman Says Farmers Provide "Solid Foundation"

AFBF Women Adopt "Empowered" Theme

Workshop Reports

Tracking the Trends: UK's Will Snell is widely respected for steering growers straight during tobacco's twists and turns

High Yield: Young Mercer County farmer mixes farming with a ministry

KCARD Launches Agribusiness Grants

Markets: Drought reduces hay supply; Soybean demand is falling; Grain storage expands in Kentucky

Farm File: Crop production down in 2011; Deadline for horse industry survey is Feb. 17; Crop insurance payments at record level; AFBF concerned about trade office plan

March 2012
With agriculture enjoying a period of economic prosperity, it's an opportune time to be pointing toward the future, both on the farm and within the County Farm bureau organization, KFB President Mark Haney said in his keynote address at the annual Presidents and Vice Presidents Coference, The two-day conference was held last month at the Galt House in Louisville.
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Comment Column: Bob Stallman, President, American Farm Bureau Federation
Young Farmers Leadership Conference
Linked In: KFB Directors Meet with Legislators
Congressman Guthrie Among Coalition Fighting Youth Ag Labor Proposal
Three Veterinarians Receive Grants
Energy Savings: State Program Helps Farmers Reduce Costs
KFB Promotes "Food Check-Out Day"
Speaking Up: "Farmers Care" Program Surfaces Ag Advocates
Markets: Total ag exports decline, but horticulture soars; Highest milk production in 2011; U.S. cattle produce more beef
Farm File: New website supports youth labor battle; Meat groups announce merger; Farmplate sales can aid FFA, 4-H and Ky. Proud; Foundation cites need for more ag research
April 2012
The race to determine which political party will control the White house next year commands a lot of the energy coming out of Washington D.C. these days. And so it was no surprise that presidential politics were discussed almost as often as agriculture issues during KFB's Congressional Tour last month. About 190 members participated in the annual visit to the nation's capital.
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Comment Column: Rep. Rocky adkins, House Majority Leader
Open (the) Season: KFB Holds Meeting for Roadside Farm Market Operators
Legislative Drive-In
2012 KFB Beek Expo is a Record Setter
Swept Off: Boyle County FB Group Helps Tornado Victin 90 Miles Away
County Farm Bureaus Recognize Ag Week
Marshall County Poulty Farmers Find a Market for Composted Litter
Markets: Lamb/mutton production rising; U.S. Beef: 2012 exports slip, imports climb; Crop production values rose in 2011
May 2012
At Flaggy Meadow Farm in Washington County, April is when flagship farm commodity is harvested for processing and marketing. In this instance, the product is wool from the 107 alpacas that share the farm with Shawn and Lori Malloy.
The Malloys came to Kentucky several years ago from Main, intent on establishing a fiber mill. With a lot of hard work and marketing expertise, they've made a mark in the "niche farming" business. The line of products they have developed includes "Kentucky Royalty Surino Golf Socks," which is fast gaining notoriety for its unique comfort. 
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Ingram Named to Two Roles in Management
Cattle Drive(In): Blue Grass Livestock Marketing Group is Thriving
Rooting 'em out: Farmer's Wildlife Officials Battling Wild Hog Invasion
Women's Leadership Conference
Applicants Invited for Ag Leadership Program
Markets: Beef herd expansion delayed; Produce growers use variety of marketing practices; Honey production stung by 2011 weather
Farm File: Farmers Market grants available; Participate in 2012 Ag Census; AgriScience dedicated in Lexington; AFBF voices objections on health care law
June 2012
The company with the slogan "Big on Commitment" has bee hard at work meeting the biggest challenge its ever encountered. That would be helping tens of thousands of Kentuckians who suffered property losses and damage during two horrendous weather incidents - the March 2 storms across the state and an April 28 hailstorm in the Louisville area. 
Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company has responded with a tremendous degree of financial and human resources.The work is not complete; claims continue to come in. 
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Comment Column: Bradley R. Smith, Executive Vice President and CEO
Automotive Stars Gather at the Keeneland Concours d'Elegance
2012 Member Benefits Guide
Faces of Farming: Snapshots of Kentucky Farmers
Ethanol is Lowering Fuel Costs
KFB Program Nominated for Emmys
AFBF Board Visits Kentucky
August 2012
KFB's Tax Advisory Committee has communicated two key policy positions to the chairman of the commission appointed by Governor Steve Beshear to develop recommendations for state tax reform. Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson was a special guest at the committee's annual meeting last month to discuss the work of the Governor's Blue  Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform and obtain feedback from the group. He was advised that KFB places a high priority on maintaining Kentucky's property tax law plus sales tax exemptions on farm production items. 
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Comment Column: Senator Mitch McConnell
Drought takes hold of Kentucky agriculture
KFB Day at State Fair is August 23
Young Farmer Summer Outing
2012 Scholarship Recipients
County Annual Meetings
Beef Tour goes to Colorado and Wyoming
Mayfield gung-ho about gourds
Hot Item...Blazing heat doesn't deter Shelby County's legislative dinner
Markets: Strong U.S. dollar impacts beef trade; 2012 hay mix has less alfalfa; U.S. cattle numbers fall at mid-year
Many forms of ID theft
Farm File: Farm Vehicle Regulation guide is available; USDA implements disaster aid improvements; AFBF battles FDA on antibiotics issue
September 2012
A sellout crowd, a large group of political leaders and another hefty price for the prized pork made KFB's 49th annual Country Ham Breakfast a huge success. Nearly 1,600 people were on hand to hear some top political officials speak and watch as Dr. Mark Lynn & Associates of Louisville offered up the winning bid of $300,000 for the 17.62-pound ham produced by Scott Hams of Greenville.
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Comment Column: Bob Sallman, President, AFBF
Advisory Committees
Harlan County FB Sponsors Forestry Field Day for Youth
Crop Insurance Rescuing Many Farmers
KFB Day at the State Fair
Cultivation, Meeting with lawmakers help build vaulable relationships
KFB's Mark Haney addresses Livestock Standards Commission
Retail rage: More and More Farmers are Selling Direct
New Director of Kentucky: Poultry Federation is Bullish on Ag Education
KFB Task Force Meets with Officials
Markets Tour Goes to Vermont
Kentucky FFA Shines Nationally
Farm File
October 2012
A 50-acre plot of rough land in an industrial park in Flemingsburg is slowly but surely turning into a valuable educational
 tool for FFA students. And in the process, it has become a source of community pride and regional attention.
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Comment Column: Alison Lundergan Grimes, Secretary of State
Farm Safety Week Kickoff Held in Glasgow
Hinton Mills Animal Science Center
Clark County Farm Bureau Ag Day
Fun on the Farm, Roberts Family Does Agritourism Well
Ag-ucation: Greenup County FB unveils mobile classroom
Effects of farm bill delay
Farm File
November 2012
KFB policy comes from the grassroots through several avenues. Most policy originates at county Farm Bureau annual meetings, but sometimes a position will spring up during the business sessions at KFB's annual meeting. Another source is through KFB's Advisory Committees, which hold meetings between August and November to assess the condition of their respective area of interest and consider suggestions.
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Comment Column: Bob Stallman, President, AFBF
Kentucky Farm Bureau Annual Meeting Preview
Advisory Committees
Harlan County Field Day
Crop Insurance Feature
December 2012
Pulaski County farmer Mark Haney was re-elected president of KFB. Also re-elected were Webster County's Eddie Melton as First Vice President and Hart County's J. Fritz Giesecke as Second Vice President. They comprise KFB's Executive Committee along with Executive Vice President David S. Beck. 
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KEC's North Wing Named for Harold Workman
Comment Column: David S. Beck, Executive Vice President, Kentucky Farm Bureau
Member Benefits Guide
Tax Policies Loom Large for 2013
Madison County is Tops
Outstanding Youth are Selected
Stacy Vincent Wins Discussion Meet
LaRue County Couple Win OYFF Award
Scott Travis Named "Farmer of the Year"
John C. Kalmey Receives Service to Ag Award
Kenneth Hayden Honored for Service to Farm Bureau
Madison County Teacher Receives Ag Literacy Award
Madison County Couple Honored for Achievements
Ag Leaders Preview 2013 Session with Legislators
Strategic Plan Heads Agenda at Ag Summit
Whayne Supply Receives Award