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KFB Federation Executive Vice President Drew Graham: We Will Prevail

Posted on Apr 6, 2020

Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation Executive Vice President Drew Graham

A message from KFB Federation Executive Vice President Drew Graham

I have seen many situations develop through the course of my life on the farm, in public service, in education, and with Farm Bureau, but probably none like what we are going through now, due to COVID19. I know many of you are feeling the same way.

For me, it is my faith and family that gives me support and a sense of peace when times are uncertain. While we are all waiting anxiously to see when this situation will make a turn for the better, it is so comforting to be around our families, as well as to be a part of the Farm Bureau family.

This organization was founded on the principles of helping people in every county in this state, and we are seeing the compassion our members are showing each other, and the people in their respective communities. We recognize that in our counties, as well as in our own state office.

I’ve seen a coming together of so many to keep the efforts of our organization running as smoothly as possible in both the Federation and Insurance Company.

Together we will get past this point in time, and when we do, we will all be stronger for it. We will see life a little differently and hopefully will cherish it even more. But we will prevail.

As the days draw into weeks, and, if indeed the weeks turn into months, we will continue to be of service to this state in every way that we can. Let us pray, however, for a quick end to this disease.

Let us do the things that have been asked of us to ensure the safety of all. And most of all, let us continue to be mindful of our neighbors, our friends and our families as we move forward toward the day when we can all gather together again in our homes, in our workplaces, in our churches, and wherever the good Lord leads us.

My prayers are with each and every one of you. Thanks for all you are doing.