Kentucky, Thank You for Helping Us Celebrate 100 Years

Posted on Dec 30, 2019

As we round out an exciting year of celebrating Kentucky Farm Bureau’s centennial, I find myself reflecting on the past— the past year of celebrations and the past century of Kentucky Farm Bureau. After all of the 100-year celebrations, ceremonies, presentations, and excitement, it is clear to me that there are a lot of people and organizations throughout the state that we need to thank. I don’t want 2019 to come to an end without having the chance to thank you – Kentuckians across the state – for helping us make Kentucky Farm Bureau what it is today, and for celebrating this outstanding milestone with us.

Many of you likely saw the 1919 Ford truck we had cruising around the state. Perhaps you attended a local Farm Bureau event, purchased items from one of our certified farm markets, or attended one of the teacher workshops we offer. Maybe you know one of the recipients of our expansive scholarship program or visited us at AgLand at the Kentucky State Fair. Whether you are directly involved with your local Farm Bureau or simply benefit from the agricultural products our members produce, you are part of why we get to say, “Happy 100 years Kentucky Farm Bureau!”

So today, we say thank you.

Kentucky Farm Bureau has only been successful for the past 100 years because citizens across the Commonwealth welcome us time and again. Our nearly 460,000 member families are committed to the forward-movement of agriculture in our state, and I have seen first-hand that rural Kentucky is stronger when we all work together. Our farm families help feed America, serve rural communities, and stand up for the time-honored values and ideals that make our state, and our country, a great place to live.

One hundred years is a long time, but we are just getting started. With our staff, members, leadership, and partners throughout the state, we have the tools and passion needed to make Kentucky an even stronger, more prosperous place to live.

I grew up on what is now a 5th generation farm in Pulaski County, and Kentucky Farm Bureau has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It’s quite remarkable to think about how far we have come. We’ve survived the Great Depression, multiple recessions, and a variety of weather-related hardships. But the best part is, not only did we survive, we have continued to grow stronger, more reputable, and more involved in our communities along the way because of the great folks we call our members, our neighbors, and our friends.

We are thankful for our many partners across the state for helping us become the well-known, and respected, organization we are proud to be today. We truly thank you for helping us celebrate the 100th birthday of Kentucky Farm Bureau. We are grateful for this milestone and look forward to celebrating more with you in the future!