Kentucky Farm Bureau Hosts Commodity Luncheon at 104th Annual Meeting - Kentucky Farm Bureau

Kentucky Farm Bureau Hosts Commodity Luncheon at 104th Annual Meeting

Posted on Nov 30, 2023

Earlier today, Kentucky Farm Bureau (KFB) hosted its commodity luncheon at the organization’s 104th Annual Meeting. The commodity luncheon is one of the many traditions of KFB’s yearly event, highlighting Kentucky agriculture and the strength of Kentucky’s farm community.
The commodity luncheon kicked off with a welcome from KFB President Mark Haney. In his remarks, Mr. Haney expressed gratitude for those in attendance, noting that the commodity luncheon “is the kick-off event that really starts our annual meeting.” He also announced that this year’s crowd at the KFB annual meeting is expected to be record-breaking.
In addition to KFB leadership, Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg, Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture-elect Jonathan Shell, Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles and American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) President Zippy Duvall shared remarks at the luncheon.
Louisville Mayor Greenberg welcomed the crowd to the city, speaking about the importance of the hospitality and tourism businesses in the state. He specifically noted the involvement of farming to the hospitality community, saying he wants “even more people around the state to have access to that Kentucky-grown food.” Greenberg shared his appreciation for the food Kentucky farmers produce and his interest in furthering the partnership with KFB to help feed Kentuckians. 
The annual meeting and commodity luncheon serve as a celebration of Kentucky’s farm community and the state’s successes in the agricultural arena and also provides an opportunity for KFB to discuss its upcoming policy and grassroots efforts.
Agricultural Commissioner-elect Jonathan Shell spoke to the strength of Kentucky Farm Bureau, sharing his lifelong involvement with the organization. He added that “it’s not the resources we have but the people we have that makes Kentucky agriculture”. He also noted that he looks forward to collaborating with KFB in his new role and “is ready to get to work” for Kentucky.
Commissioner Ryan Quarles opened his remarks by thanking the crowd and KFB leadership for their involvement in the agriculture community and by naming KFB President Mark Haney an Honorary Commissioner of Agriculture on behalf of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. 
Commissioner Quarles then discussed a variety of topics including updates about members of the state veterinarian team and the importance of trade to the agriculture community, noting that the Kentucky agriculture community is “resilient, robust, and we punch above our weight class.” Before the Commissioner left the podium, Mr. Haney presented him with KFB-branded boots to wear in his next role. 
AFBF President Duvall also spoke positively about the strength of KFB as an organization and the leadership of KFB President Mark Haney. Mr. Duvall discussed the importance of leadership, starting with county Farm Bureau presidents. He also discussed the many ways Farm Bureau gives back, talking about the opportunities those at the local level have to make an impact. He talked about the organization’s one united voice and that “we want to be known as an organization that gives back.”
Duvall also talked about various policy-related efforts, including the importance of the next Farm Bill. He talked about the importance of grassroots efforts and how vital they are to the passage of the legislation, noting that “it’s only going to happen if we push, and push, and push to get it done. If we’re not engaged, it won’t get done.”
He also discussed the importance of mental health in the agriculture community, stating that “we have to be there for our neighbor because that’s who we are.”
The theme of this year’s Annual Meeting is One KFB, focusing on the organization being comprised of a strong group of advocates working together as one. 


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