Kentucky Farm Bureau Hosts Commodity Luncheon at 103rd Annual Meeting - Kentucky Farm Bureau

Kentucky Farm Bureau Hosts Commodity Luncheon at 103rd Annual Meeting

Posted on Dec 2, 2022
Kentucky Ag Commissioner Dr. Ryan Quarles speaks at the Commodity Luncheon which was held during Kentucky's Farm Bureau's 103rd Annual Meeting.

Louisville, Ky. (December 1, 2022) – Kentucky Farm Bureau (KFB) hosted its Commodity Luncheon today at the organization’s 103rd Annual Meeting. Celebrating the strength of Kentucky’s farm community, the Commodity Luncheon is one of the many traditions of KFB’s yearly event.

KFB President Mark Haney welcomed guests to the Annual Meeting and the Commodity luncheon, noting that “folks are excited to be together once again – to socialize and to work together on farm policy.” Commenting on the strength of KFB and appreciation for numerous attendees, he noted “we couldn’t do any of these things without your volunteer leadership.”

In addition to KFB leadership, American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall and Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles made remarks at the luncheon.

Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles discussed a variety of topics including the effects of the devastating tornadoes and the success of the Kentucky Proud program. He also talked about the strength of Kentucky’s farmers through recent challenges they’ve faced. “Kentucky and American farmers stood up to keep our country fed. You in this room helped avoid famine. Thank you to the producers in the room for feeding us,” he said.

The Annual Meeting not only celebrates Kentucky agriculture, but it also provides an opportunity for KFB to set the stage for advocacy efforts for the upcoming year.

AFBF President Duvall shared encouraging words during his remarks, complimenting the strength of Kentucky Farm Bureau. Duvall noted “KFB and the farmers and ranchers in this state are going to be well-represented” and complimented the agriculture leaders in the state saying “this state is really blessed with some good leaders in agriculture. I’m just proud of every one of them.”

Speaking to some of the challenges Kentucky farmers have faced in recent years, he also noted that “challenges may shape us but don’t define us. How we handle adversity is what defines us. It is amazing how our farmers and ranchers face adversity.”

Duvall also encouraged the attendees to get involved in advocacy efforts related to agriculture sharing that “we’ve got to stand together and do what’s right.”

KFB’s 2022 Annual Meeting is taking place November 30th through December 3rd at the Galt House in Louisville.


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