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Kentucky Farm Bureau Executive Vice President David S. Beck Announces Retirement

Posted on Apr 9, 2018


David S. Beck, Kentucky Farm Bureau Executive Vice President

Having grown up on a farm, David S. Beck always knew agriculture would be a part of his life. In fact, he continued his involvement in production agriculture even after he began attending Murray State University. So, it came as no surprise that throughout his professional career, the desire to stay connected to that rural way of life remained with him.

In coming to Kentucky Farm Bureau (KFB) more than 40 years ago, he brought that admiration for his agricultural roots in Lyon County to all the positions he held during his tenure at KFB. But after more than four decades, he is announcing his retirement from the organization which will be effective July 1, 2018.

“As you can imagine, this has been a difficult decision for me as my passion and respect for Kentucky Farm Bureau have grown during my tenure. But one thing I will always take with me is, this organization exists, first and foremost as a farm organization, and while we may do things differently today than when the company was formed nearly 100 years ago, we still do them for the same reasons; to serve our members and help them in any way we can to remain successful on their family farms,” said Beck. “I know that service and dedication will continue long after my retirement because of the quality people that make up the KFB family.”

He has been involved at nearly every level of the KFB organization from field operations to government relations to his current position as Executive Vice President of the Federation Board and Corporate Secretary of the KFB Insurance Companies.

“I have enjoyed every position I’ve held with the organization and learned so many valuable lessons along the way, said Beck. “But perhaps the most important thing I learned was how much of a family Kentucky Farm Bureau really is, both for our Federation and the people that make up our Insurance Company.”

Beck added that the friendships and business relationships he has made throughout his time at KFB have been lasting ones of great value to him and his family.      

“It has truly been an honor and privilege to be associated with such a wonderful organization and some of the finest individuals on earth,” he said. “I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to have represented Farm Bureau members and agriculture for so many years.”

Beck’s longtime friend and colleague, KFB President Mark Haney said individuals like Beck come along rarely and he has been honored to serve with him for so many years.

“I can’t remember a time when Farm Bureau hasn’t been a part of my life, and for most of that time, David has been right there with me,” he said. “It is rare you find a person so committed to an idea, a way of life, and an organization the way he has been with Farm Bureau and our agricultural heritage. We will miss him greatly but I know this organization will remain a part of his life, for the rest of his life.”

Haney added that, thanks to Beck’s leadership and the leadership of countless Farm Bureau members he has inspired throughout the state, the organization is well-positioned to continue its mission serving as the “Voice of Agriculture” for Kentucky farm families.

Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance Company CEO John Sparrow also recognized Beck for his contributions to the company and to the agriculture industry.

“When I began my career at KFB, David had already been on board for a number of years and I learned a lot from him during that time, seeing his dedication to our organization and the industry,” he said. “I will always value his friendship and mentoring, and will carry those learned lessons with me throughout the rest of my career. I wish him well in his retirement and all his future endeavors.”

Beck stressed that KFB’s emphasis on finances, culture, strategic planning, program expansion, technology, staff development, and growth among volunteer leaders has helped to make the advances necessary to put the organization in a very positive position for the future.

“It has really taken all of our members and our friends in the entire agriculture industry to make our organization as strong as it is today and I could never thank all of them enough for the relationships we have enjoyed in the past and will continue to enjoy for generations to come,” he said.



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