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Kentucky Farm Bureau Announces Two New Podcasts and Changes to the Across Kentucky Radio Program

Posted on Feb 27, 2020

Louisville, KY (February 19, 2020) – Kentucky Farm Bureau is pleased to announce the creation of two new podcasts.

The first is Candid Conversation with Tim Thornberry. In each episode, the KFB News Editor Tim Thornberry sits down with newsmakers in Kentucky and talks about issues facing Kentucky farm families.

Episodes are currently available on Apple Podcasts and most podcast networks.

Interview with a farmer | Photo credit:  Adobe Stock

The second podcast is The Farmer’s Voice. This new podcast is hosted by Alan Watts of WKDZ Radio. In it, Alan interviews farmers from across the state and talks about their operations and challenges they face. The podcast will be available starting March 12.

Kentucky Farm Bureau is also making changes to its daily radio program Across Kentucky. The show will be gaining a new host, Jeff Nalley of the Cromwell Ag Network. The minute-long program will feature three new episodes each week. The new show will begin broadcasting on radio stations March 16.

B. Todd Bright, Director of the Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation Communication Division is excited about the changes.

“The media landscape is always changing and it’s important that Kentucky Farm Bureau keeps up. Podcasting is a major way people are getting their news and entertainment. We are excited to make podcasting a part of our communication strategy.”

Bright also thinks the radio program will open new opportunities for ag news in the state.

“Agriculture is important to the economic success of the Commonwealth. The public wants to be connected to where their food comes from. We believe that updating our radio show will give more stations a chance to report on ag news and keep their listeners informed.”


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