January 29, 2016 Legislative Report No. 5 2016 Kentucky General Assembly - Kentucky Farm Bureau

January 29, 2016 Legislative Report No. 5 2016 Kentucky General Assembly

Posted on Jan 29, 2016
Today marks the seventeenth legislative day of the 2016 session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

On Tuesday, Governor Bevin presented his State Budget Address

(HB 303) to a joint session of the General Assembly.  Many state agencies will see a budget reduction of 9% each of the next two fiscal years, in addition to a 4.5% reduction this fiscal year that ends June 30.  It is projected that these cuts would save approximately $650 million through June 30, 2018.

Below is a list of items contained in the budget pertaining to our funding priorities. Governor Bevin’s budget provides:

  • Agricultural Development Funds: $25.3 million in FY 17 and $28.4 million in FY 18. Of these totals $8.875 million in FY 17 and $9.957 million in FY 18 are allocated to county funds. 
  • The budget also includes $21 million in FY 16 for the agricultural development fund. This was a result of carry forward funds from last year’s session of the General Assembly.
  • Environmental Stewardship Program: $5 million in FY 17 and $5 million in FY 18.
  • The Kentucky Department of Agriculture received $15.9 million in FY 17 and $16.1 million in FY 18.
  • The Kentucky Division of Forestry received $10.6 million in FY 17 and $10.7 million in FY 18.
  • The 22.2% allocation for rural and secondary road aid programs is maintained.
  • There was no funding provided for the Grain Center of Excellence.
Regarding Kentucky’s retirement systems, Governor Bevin’s budget provides $300 million in additional funds in FY 17 and $291 million in additional funds in FY 18 to the Kentucky Teachers Retirement System (KTRS), the Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) would receive $60 million in FY 17 and $70.5 million in FY 18.

This week we met with the Chairmen of the Agriculture Committees to discuss legislation regarding the State Fair Board.

Next week we will be meeting with officials in the Energy & Environment Cabinet to discuss the creation of a Kentucky water resource management program.


During the week, you may reach your representative and senator in Frankfort by calling 502.564.8100.

If you do not desire to talk to your state legislator immediately or you just want to leave a message, you may dial toll-free 800.372.7181. An answering service will take your message for your representative or senator. The legislative calendar information line is 800.633.9650, the bill status line is 866.840.2835, and the Governor's office number is 502.564.2611.

If you desire to e-mail your representative or senator, click here for a list of e-mail addresses for members of the Kentucky General Assembly. Find your legislator and click on his or her name to access their e-mail address.


The following are registered to lobby for Kentucky Farm Bureau for the 2016 session: Jeff Harper, Public Affairs Director, extension 5104; Bryan Alvey extension 7218; Tony Sholar, extension 5121, and David S. Beck, extension 5101. If you would like to call your lobbyists during the evening, call 502.352.4280 at the Frankfort headquarters or call 502.495.5000 and key in their extensions.

If you would like to contact one of your lobbyists during the day, please call Sara Stivers at 502.495.5121 and she will put you in touch with one of them.


February 15......... President's Day Holiday

February 19..........Last Day for Bill Request

March 1............ Last Day for New House Bills

March 2........KFB Legislative Drive-In/Food Check-Out Day

March 3........Last Day for New Senate Bills March 28 & March 29........ Concurrence Only

March 30 - April 9...... Veto Period

April 12.......General Assembly, Sine Die

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