Howdy, y’all! Freddy Farm Bureau ready for a big time at the Kentucky State Fair - Kentucky Farm Bureau

Howdy, y’all! Freddy Farm Bureau ready for a big time at the Kentucky State Fair

Posted on Aug 7, 2013
Louisville, KY (August 8, 2013) – He’s larger than life, wears more denim in one day than the average person does all month, and is easily the most-recognizable greeter at the Kentucky State Fair – he’s Freddy Farm Bureau and he’s eager to visit with friends both new and old on opening day, August 15.

For the 56th consecutive year, Freddy Farm Bureau and his 18-foot tall frame will call a stack of hay bales and a white picket fence on the front porch of Freedom Hall his home for the 11 days of the state fair, August 15-25. His extra-large dose of southern charm, farm knowledge and family-friendly banter is on display from 9am-8pm daily.

As even the casual passerby can imagine, it takes a big man to handle the duties given to Freddy. While he has always been a huge ambassador for sharing the farmer’s story, over the years Freddy Farm Bureau has also become an unofficial meeting place for many fairgoers. Freddy has talked to and taken pictures with literally thousands of people as they waited by his white picket fence for friends and family to arrive. The good news for Kentucky Farm Bureau’s biggest member is that it seems like he was custom-made for telling the story of agriculture. Neither is Freddy alone in his duties – he represents nearly 500,000 Farm Bureau member families in the state of Kentucky.

Whether fairgoers are visiting Freddy Farm Bureau for the very first time or simply reminiscing about their childhood talks with the big man, they’ll want to save a few minutes of their state fair schedule to see him this year. Those who wish to keep up with Freddy year-round or simply want to see the state fair from a different elevation can also “Like” Freddy Farm Bureau’s page on Facebook or “Follow” him on Twitter (@FreddyFB).

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