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Governor Bevin's Red Tape Reduction Initiative

Posted on Jul 12, 2016

Last week Governor Bevin announced the Red Tape Reduction Initiative.  This initiative is an effort to review every regulation currently on the books. The goal is to eliminate those regulations deemed unnecessary or duplicative, simplify those considered too complex, and judge each for intent and effectiveness.

Currently there are more than 4,500 state administrative regulations in Kentucky. Governor Bevin is seeking input from businesses and individuals throughout Kentucky to assist in this effort by identifying regulations that may be outdated, unnecessary or overly complex. 

Agriculture, like other industries, recognizes that a lack of restraint by regulatory agencies can have a devastating effect on the economic well-being of the Commonwealth. Often the difference between keeping and losing the family farm comes down to farmers being able to bear the burden of unnecessary, outdated, and counterproductive regulations.

Action Request:

If there are any state regulations that need to be reviewed and/or eliminated you can either email those to Jeff Harper, Public Affairs Division Director at or visit to submit your suggestions.

2016 Kentucky Farm Bureau Priority Issue:

“We oppose any agency exceeding legislative intent in the implementation of regulations.”

Kentucky Farm Bureau Policy:

“We recommend that the state legislature provide specific guidelines and restraints on the agencies that are to administer the laws and are given the power to adopt rules and regulations.”

“We oppose state regulations that are more stringent than federal.”

“Any new regulation should not restrict expansion or sale of existing agricultural operations.”

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