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Comment Column: A Message from Kentucky State FFA President Mallory White

Posted on Oct 19, 2020
-2021 Kentucky FFA President Mallory White
Kentucky State FFA President Mallory White

"In the promise of better days through better ways, even as the better things we now enjoy have come to us through the struggles of former years."

When I was learning the FFA Creed as a freshman FFA member, I was more interested in the better days than the struggles of former years. Little did I know that in less than four years my classmates and I would be part of a worldwide pandemic that would result in unheard of changes in how we experience school, FFA, church, and sporting events.

COVID-19 has had severe impacts on all facets of the agricultural industry, including sudden changes in demand and stress on the overall supply chain. Amid these struggles, the need for strong leadership has been more apparent than ever.

The leaders of the agriculture industry have been challenged to build morale among producers, advocate for agriculture’s essential status, and ensure that the future of agriculture remains bright.

When it comes to the latter of these tasks, FFA has taken a leading role. In a time when so much darkness seems to be seeping into the walls of our homes, businesses, and schools, FFA members are continuing to shine their light through participation in community service projects, leadership conferences, and agricultural advocacy expeditions. Simply put, Kentucky FFA has not stopped our essential work of growing leaders, building communities, and strengthening agriculture.

Kentucky FFA has continued providing its members with once in a lifetime opportunities, like the State FFA Convention and Rising Sun Conference--both of which occurred virtually this year.

Also, in the category of virtual events will be the 93rd National FFA Convention and Expo. America’s FFA members are grateful that the National FFA Organization is going to continue the tradition of inspiring and celebrating thousands of FFA members by hosting them virtually over the course of three days (October 25-27).

This is a time in which members hungry for interaction, like myself, will be able to experience the same thrill of recognizing that they are a part of something so much bigger than themselves. While we won’t be part of a “sea of blue” taking over Indianapolis, we will still be able to engage with other members and celebrate the accomplishments of our members during this most unique year.

Just as Kentucky FFA has not stopped pursuing our mission of making a positive difference in the lives of our members, supporters of this organization have not ceased their work to help our goals come to fruition. More than ever, support from outside organizations, like Kentucky Farm Bureau, is essential to the success of our Association. We are two organizations with a common goal--to serve as the voice of Kentucky agriculture while improving the quality of life for our members. Our hearts are in the same place and our eyes are on the same prize.

Despite the adversity in our way, we recognize that agricultural producers haven’t stopped, so neither will we. We will continue to stand in support of each other, even through a computer screen, in order to brighten the future of this essential industry. Better days are ahead; it is up to us to find the better ways in which we will reach those days to come.