Annual Meeting - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Kentucky Farm Bureau

Annual Meeting - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Posted on Dec 4, 2014

Once again, it's that time of year that for just a few days we exchange our life on the farm for the bright lights of the city.

As we prepare to go to the Kentucky Farm Bureau State Annual Meeting in Louisville, we mentally go over our 'to do' list of things that must be done so that our farm will be as worry free as possible while we take care of business on a different scale. 

Our harvest is completed for the year.  Thanksgiving is past, Christmas is coming.  It's the perfect  'down time' to get away, and we so look forward to getting to see and spend time with our 'Farm Bureau family".

Extra hay has been put out for the cows, our good friend and neighbor has offered to come down each morning and feed silage (thank you, Billy! ), alternate after school arrangements have been made for the grandchildren, the chickens (all 4 of them) have fresh water and their feeder has been filled, suitcases are packed. The dog senses that something's up.

We have been making this annual trip for the past 35 years, only missing one back in the 80's due to illness.  So many different things that will take place, general sessions, commodity meetings, business, resolutions…….

Once we arrive, we will be so busy we will hardly have time to catch our breath.  My first meeting - State Women's Advisory Committee - where we will go over last minute details concerning the different annual meeting activities of the Kentucky Farm Bureau Women that will take place over the next 3 days.

The Outstanding Youth Contest, the Variety Showcase, the Women's business meeting, Gold Star Awards……and this year there will be a brand new award for the women!  We will award for the first time a Top County Gold Star award.  That prize (a secret for now) is going to be totally awesome!

Yes, it's time to go.  I can feel the excitement in the air!


Vickie and her husband, Terry, farm in Monroe County. They have a cow/calf operation, grow hay, and raise corn for silage. Vickie is in her 14th year on the State Women’s Advisory Committee, and is currently serving as 1st Vice Chair of Kentucky Farm Bureau Women.



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