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4 Requirements for a Trip to Remember!

Posted on Mar 3, 2015
Whether you are taking a short or long trip, business or vacation, traveling tends to create positive and challenging experiences. Turning lemons into lemonade and making friendships and memories are key components of a successful trip. The Kentucky Farm Bureau LEAD class recently completed our Congressional Tour in Washington D.C. In order to determine if it was a trip to remember, we need to see if the 4 requirements apply.
  1. The Itinerary: A successful trip must have opportunities abound. The LEAD Congressional Tour certainly did not disappoint! From tours of our nation’s capital and the surrounding area to a front row seat with our legislators and political leaders in their working environment with a chance to voice our concerns on important agriculture policy. Kentucky Farm Bureau definitely works to be a voice for farmers in Kentucky, and this trip certainly proved that!
  2. A “Plan B”: Snow is always fun (in small doses) in the winter. When combined with traveling, it can definitely keep you on your toes! I cannot say enough how much our LEAD class appreciates the skills and efforts of our advisors, Susan Tanner and Dan Smaldone. After our flight was cancelled, they went to work making sure our group did not miss out on this great experience. From Louisville to Tampa, Norfolk, Baltimore, and finally D.C., plenty of lemonade and memories were made!
  3. The Food: Many LEAD members that came before us mentioned the many opportunities to test our calorie processing skills. I can say this trip did not disappoint here!   From crab bisque to endless protein heaven at the Fogo De Chao Brazilian Steakhouse, our palate was definitely put to the test. The food was great, however the stories and chance to bond with our LEAD classmates is what made this trip memorable.
  4. The Ride Home: After a short or long trip, there is always a ride home. Most go one of two ways. This is the time where all you can think about is “I can’t wait for this to end!” or you talk endlessly about what just happened. This is based on the first three steps not meeting or exceeding expectations. It is the latter that lets you know you have completed a memorable and meaningful experience.
Speaking on behalf of the 2015 Kentucky Farm Bureau LEAD class, I can say that the Congressional Tour exceeded the four requirements for a trip to remember! We appreciate the opportunity through KYFB to develop and expand our leadership potential within the agriculture community. Thank you for providing a respectable platform to let our agriculture voice be heard. I can tell that the Kentucky Farm Bureau LEAD program will continue to make an impact on our lives!

2015 LEAD

Arlington overlook

Mike Meyer is a 2015-2016 LEAD class participant. He is the 4-H/Youth Development Agent in Harrison County and farms with his wife and in-laws.


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