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2012 Drought

Posted on Jul 26, 2012

Drought takes hold of Kentucky agriculture....

One of the worst droughts in Kentucky history has wreaked havoc on the corn and hay crops and by late July had put most of the soybeans in poor condition. Meanwhile, some were culling their cattle herds because of a lack of feed and crop insurance companies were bracing for the worst. On a national scale the drought also had reached epic proportions with most of the nation affected. Cattle prices are plunging, grain, hay and milk prices are soaring and agriculture is receiving a lot of media attention. Much of that, unfortunately, is focused on an expected spike in food prices. KFB is urging farmers to stay apprised of what assistance is available to them. And if you have crop insurance it’s wise to double-check your status in order to be clear about what to do with your damaged crops.


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