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10 Reasons why YOU should participate in LEAD.

Posted on Dec 5, 2014

Being new to Hardin County I was asked to apply for the LEAD program, with a little hesitation

and thinking that I had been in the professional world for ten years, I applied and was accepted.

I can say as we enter graduation there should have never been any hesitation. The LEAD

program has built my understanding of KFB and KY agriculture, friendships, and me as a leader.

So, here are my Top Ten Reasons why YOU should be a LEAD Class Participant (in no specific order) . . .

1. Greater understanding of Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation, its make-up, how it

operates, and how it functions in helping Kentucky agriculture and its farmers/producers.

2. Building relationship with individuals from across the commonwealth including your

fellow class participants, speakers and farm bureau staff members.

3. Out of State Tour; this trip opens your eyes to agriculture outside our “four walls”. From

getting to put our feet in the Chesapeake Bay to eating homemade ice cream at a State

President’s Creamery this was a trip of a lifetime.

4. Congressional Tour in Washington D.C.; for someone who has never been on a Farm

Bureau Congressional Tour as a Farm Bureau Member this should be on your bucket list.

The trip opens your eyes to the strength of Farm Bureau across the nation and the

relationships it has on the hill.

5. Tours of Kentucky agriculture and agribusinesses; it could be your first view of fire cured

tobacco or seeing the fully automated facility of Gordon Food Service; you will see parts

of Kentucky agriculture that will open your eyes to the diversity that lies within our


6. Etiquette Training. Weather you have been in the professional world for a decade or

never been through etiquette training before this is a good reminder of how to be on your

best P’s & Q’s when at the dinner table or social setting.

7. Personality Typing. Gives you a greater understanding of your personality, what makes

you tick, what you are good at. You will also see what your fellow classmates’

personalities are, where their strengths lie, and utilize everyone’s strengths throughout

your two year stent together.

8. TV/Media Training. Media training is a great opportunity to see how you should answer

questions in front of a camera, on the radio or in a press release. No fear, you are going

to get critiqued but it is only to make you better.

9. Diverse group of speakers. At each session, in this state or out of state, you have the

opportunity to hear from the finest speakers who will educate you and make you a better

leader. Each session I brought home a take home lesson and teachings that I will take

with me through my agriculture career.

10. The food! How can you forget the food!

And a few added bonuses . . . the ropes course where we learned to grow and work as a TEAM

and also challenge ourselves as individual but also cheer on our fellow classmates during the

high ropes.

As Dr. Tony Brannon, Murray State University, quoted and challenged our class from “On

Beyond Zebra” by Dr. Seuss, “You can stop, if you want, with the Z Because most people stop

with the Z But not Me! . . . I’m telling you this ‘cause you’re one of my friends. My alphabet

starts where your alphabet ends!”

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