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Young Farmer's Chair   Alana Baker
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KFB Spotlight

Kentucky Production Agri-Tech (KPAT) Initiative
February 16, 2021
Kentucky Production Agri-Tech (KPAT) Initiative

The backbone of Kentucky’s agriculture industry is the existence of family-owned production farms and supporting businesses located in every region of the state. Often small operations, these entities make up the majority of the ag industry in the Commonwealth, therefore representing a significant portion of the state’s overall economic development structure.

Renewing Your 'Ag Tag' Could Help Kentucky's Agriculture Youth
February 5, 2021
Renewing Your 'Ag Tag' Could Help Kentucky's Agriculture Youth

One of the greatest honors of serving as Commissioner of Agriculture is the opportunity to travel around the state, put the tailgate down on a farm truck, and have a conversation with a farmer about how the year looks.

Summit Offers Producers Tips for Direct Sales
January 29, 2021
Summit Offers Producers Tips for Direct Sales

When income flows directly from consumers to farmers, everyone benefits. Consumers have access to the freshest food, farmers can ask a premium price for their product because there is no middle-man, and local economies benefit in the form of jobs and local purchases. For farmers who are thinking about this for the first time or have been doing direct sales for years, the Agriculture Direct Marketing Summit, Feb. 16-18, offers tips to improve the direct sales process.