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About Us


President   William Kelly Bramer
 Vice President   John Crenshaw
  Secretary   Eric Sweazy
 Treasurer   James Tipton
 Farm Bureau Women's Chair   Sheila Bramer
 Young Farmer Chair   Tim & Jamie Prather


Kevin & Michelle Armstrong   Taylorsville
 Bland Baird   Taylorsville
Keith Baird   Taylorsville
  Marlyn & Rena Baird   Taylorsville 
 Joe & Cheryl Bowling   Taylorsville 
Ardia Herndon   Taylorsville 
  Scott Herndon   Taylorsville 
Paul & June Jeffiers   Taylorsville
Nathan Lawson   Bloomfield 
Christi Marksbury   Fairfield
 James Naive   Fisherville 
 Bryce Roberts   Taylorsville 
 Edwin & Lillie Shelburne   Bloomfield 
Anthony Travis   Taylorsville 
 Scott Travis   Cox's Creek 
Doug Williams   Taylorsville
 James & Betty Williams   Taylorsville 
Loretta Williams   Taylorsville
Scott & Angie Williams   Taylorsville
Mike Williams   Taylorsville

 Area Program Director: Stacy Lowe
District #5

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