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KFB Spotlight

Kentucky Winter Weather Proving to be a Roller Coaster Ride, So Far
February 14, 2019
Kentucky Winter Weather Proving to be a Roller Coaster Ride, So Far

Mark Twain once said, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a minute, it’ll change.” Since he first spoke those words, many other regions and states across the country have adopted that saying, including Kentucky, where it seems to be truer during this winter season than ever before.  

Down the Backroads
February 14, 2019
Down the Backroads

For some reason the changing of the seasons has always fascinated me. Watching the colors of the earth change from summer to fall to winter and on to spring, is such an amazing gift the good Lord has given us.

KFB Candid Conversation with Congressman James Comer
February 14, 2019
KFB Candid Conversation with Congressman James Comer

In this column, Congressman James Comer talks about the Farm Bill, which includes legislation to bring back industrial hemp as a production crop and advocating for agriculture at the Congressional level.