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About Us


President   Julie Hammond
Vice President   Ray Tucker
Secretary   Darren Wills
Treasurer   James Tucker
Farm Bureau Women's Chair   Debbie Rothenburger
Young Farmer Chair   Zach Bennett


Ethan Bailey   Bagdad
Cody Bain   Mt. Eden
Josh Ballard   Shelbyville
Melissa Ballard   Shelbyville
John Bradshaw   Waddy
Emily Buckler   Pleasureville
Nate Buckler   Pleasureville
David Case   Pleasureville
Paul Case   Pleasureville
Mary Courtney   Bagdad
Justin Courtney   Bagdad
Roger Early   Shelbyville
Amanda Gajdzik   Shelbyville
Matt Gajdzik   Shelbyville
George Goetzinger   Bagdad
Guy Grubbs   Waddy
Alex Hagan   Shelbyville
Julie Hammond   Shelbyville
Spencer Hammond   Shelbyville
Zach Hammond   Shelbyville
William Hammond   Shelbyville
William Hardesty   Shelbyville
Patrick Hargadon   Waddy
Paul Hornback   Shelbyville 
James Insco   Shelbyville
Suzanne Insco   Shelbyville
Leslie Lafferty   Shelbyville
Samuel Lafferty   Shelbyville
Paul Langley   Shelbyville 
Eddie Mathis   Shelbyville 
Rocky Oliver   Waddy
Allen Phillips   Shelbyville
Nathan Poole   Shelbyville
Debbie Rothenburger   Shelbyville
Fred Rothenburger   Shelbyville
Daniel Rutledge   Shelbyville 
Dru Terhune   Shelbyville
Katherine Tingle   Shelbyville
Larry Joe Tingle   Shelbyville
Kyle Tipton   Simpsonville
Gwyn Trumbo   Shelbyville
John Trumbo   Shelbyville
Gilbert Ray Tucker   Shelbyville 
Gilbert Tucker   Finchville
James Tucker   Shelbyville
Jeremy Tucker   Shelbyville
Judith White   Waddy
John Wills   Shelbyville
Peggy Wills   Shelbyville
Gene Witt   Shelbyville

KFB Spotlight

Presidents Column | Coming Together To Help
August 12, 2022
Presidents Column | Coming Together To Help

Anyone who has ever planted that first seed of a crop knows, as dedicated farm families, we are always at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Comment Column with Eddie Melton | Toward a More Complete Solution
August 12, 2022
Comment Column with Eddie Melton | Toward a More Complete Solution

Whether it is the use of GPS to map fields or check soil conditions, the advanced yield monitoring equipment that tells us valuable crop yield information in real-time, or even the weather radar access we have to watch changing conditions directly from the field.

Down the Backroads | Perhaps There's Hope After All
August 10, 2022
Down the Backroads | Perhaps There's Hope After All

I have tried to be an optimistic person most of my life even when challenging times are present and the world seems to be disconnected.