Secure Email Portal FAQs - Kentucky Farm Bureau

Secure Email Portal FAQs


Why am I being directed to retrieve my message from the KFB Secure Email Portal?

At times there are business needs to send email that includes information of a confidential or personally identifying nature – such as financial details or KFB Insurance policy numbers. This kind of sensitive information must be sent via a secure method to ensure that your personal data is protected from inadvertent disclosure to third parties. Due to the sensitive nature of the information in these kinds of messages, KFB encrypts, or disguises, this email to prevent it from being visible to others as it travels from our email server to your email provider.  When this happens, you are directed to the KFB Secure Email Portal to retrieve your message.  Please log in to read and respond to the important email you recently received.

Do I have to create an account on the KFB Secure Email Portal?

Yes, you must create an account on the Secure Email Portal in order to retrieve your message.  When you click the hyperlink, you’ll be directed to the Secure Email Portal where you’ll simply enter your first name and last name.  Your email address will prefill.  Next, you’ll create a password and enter it again to confirm.  You’ll then use your password to sign-in to the portal and view your messages.

Is this the same as the Member Portal?

No, this is a different portal.  The Member Portal provides you with specific information about your KFB membership, current insurance policies and billing statements.  The KFB Secure Email Portal provides you with access to emails that KFB employees and/or agents have sent to you.  Both portals allow you to view information safely and securely.

I enrolled in the KFB Secure Email Portal and viewed my message. Can I go back and review the message again?

You have thirty (30) days to view your message.  Your message expires thirty (30) days after the day the message was sent.

I enrolled in the KFB Secure Email Portal and have forgotten my password.

The KFB Secure Email Portal has a “Forgot Password” link you can use.  The system will send you an email with a password reset link.

Can I use the KFB Secure Email Portal on my mobile devices?

Yes, the KFB Secure Email Portal can be viewed on mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets.