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About Us


President   James Richardson
 1st Vice President   Darcy Smith
2nd Vice President   Dale Glass
Secretary/Treasurer   Dianne Dawson 
 Farm Bureau Women's Chair   Darcy Smith
 Young Farmer Chair   James Lyons 


 Cecil Bell   Georgetown
Clint Bevins   Frankfort
John Cannon   Georgetown 
Alan Glass   Georgetown
Dale Glass   Georgetown
 Ted Holland   Georgetown 
Stewart Hughes   Georgetown 
Jordan Hutchison   Georgetown
 John Lacy   Georgetown 
Omer Lee   Sadieville
Alvin Lyons   Georgetown
Wayne Murphy   Stamping Ground 
Andrew Newcomb   Georgetown
Chick Oliver   Georgetown
Phillips Perkins   Stamping Ground 
Roger Quarles   Georgetown
John Ruber   Georgetown
Daniel Smith   Stamping Ground
Stephen Smith   Georgetown


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