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About Us



President   James Monin
 Vice President   PJ Milburn
  Secretary/Treasurer   Nancy Miller
Agency Manager   David Williams
    Adam Wheatley
    Jay Allen
Co. Agriculture Agent   Ron Bowman
 Farm Bureau Women's Chair   Jean Jury
 Young Farmer Chair   Cole Cissell


Lisa & David Barnes   Bardstown
Kent & Holly Bischoff   Bardstown
Andy Bishop   Cox's Creek
Lee Dillon   Cox's Creek
Jeff Eaves   Bloomfield
Norman Furrie   Cox's Creek
Steve Franklin   Cox's Creek
Stephen Greenwell   Bardstown
John Hart   Bardstown
Tommy Hart   Bardstown
Charles Heil   Cox's Creek
Eddie Hicks   Bardstown
Kenny Ice   Bardstown
Freddy & Jean Jury   Cox's Creek
Billy Lutz   Cox's Creek
Quint & Leah Pottinger   New Haven
Tom Reed   Bardstown
Bobby Robinson   Cox's Creek
Jack & Elaine Roche   Bardstown
Larry & Anita Schenck   Boston
Doris White   Bardstown

 Area Program Director: Stacy Lowe
District #5

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